Trailblazing with Rishonim

By: Mandy Bach, Social Media Intern

100_7975The tribes of Rishonim are blazing new trails both physical and metaphorical at camp this summer. The 58 eighth and ninth graders are split into four tribes that spend time at four different shvilim, or trails. The shvilim include trailblazing, music and tefillah, wilderness survival and exploration, and agriculture. After spending four days at each shvil the tribes end each week with new information and experiences.

In the trailblazing shvil, the Rishonim campers create a trail around OKY (Operation Kibbutz Yarok, the kibbutz at camp) that will be completed by the end of their month-long session. In music and tefillah, each tribe prepares their own service to present to the rest of the session at the end of the week. Wilderness survival and exploration teaches the campers skills for surviving in the wild like pitching a tent, making meals, and making splints for injuries. In agriculture, the campers work at the kibbutz and learn about food availability.

100_8161All four of these shvilim incorporate Rishonim’s theme of “Nature”. Matt, one of Rishonim’s rashim or Unit Heads, hopes that an appreciation of nature is instilled into every Rishonim camper. He and the other Rishonim rosh Shani also want unexpected friendships and connections to grow. For this, they created each tribe taking about two campers from each cabin and putting them in tribes together. This put people together who may not normally spend time with one another, and many strong friendships have already been kindled from these unlikely groupings.

Through working hands on with nature, spending time bonding as tribes and learning though experience Rishonim campers get a well rounded and full camp experience. The Rishonim campers are building not only a trail that will live beyond their years at camp, but friendships and experiences as well.

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