Hagigah Campers turn into Artists!

By: Mandy Bach, Social Media Intern

The 68 teens of Hagigah are creating artistic masterpieces during their month-long stay at camp. They spend much of their time in their majors called yitzirah, or creation. Yitzirah options include dance, song leading, paper cutting, tallit making, sculpting, and many more. At the end of the session, Hagigah hosts their Hagigah Festival where they present to the whole camp and their families all that they have created and learned.


This festival was started by a kind and generous couple named Mark and Peachy Levy. This past year, the world felt a great loss at the passing of Mark. At the Hagigah festival this year, which Peachy will be attending, there will be many thoughtful dedications to Mark’s memory. In the paper cutting major, each camper created a piece of a large paper flame. Adrienne Swedlove, one of the Hagigah artists, facilitated a project called A Thousand Cranes in which all campers contributed to accumulating a collection of a thousand paper cranes, each with a note on it. Campers are also writing things and dedicating dances to Mark’s memory. The campers and rashim, or Units Heads, of Hagigah are making this festival the best it can be in Mark and Peachy’s honor.


Emma, one of the Hagigah rashim hopes that the teens of Hagigah grow and learn about themselves through art during their four weeks here at camp. They have already shown great growth—the campers have helped song lead and showed off the progress they have made in their projects. It is already evident that the Hagigah campers have become more confident in themselves and their abilities. Emma’s favorite part of being a rosh is that she can already see changes and growth in all of the campers and has noticed how proud they are of what they have created and accomplished so far. We cannot wait to see what these campers have in store for us at the Hagigah Festival.

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