Adventure Mountain: More than Just a Physical Challenge

The Box

The Box

By, Bella Emsallem and Erica Kopf- CIT

When campers are asked what their favorite part of camp is, one of the most common answers is Adventure Mountain! Adventure Mountain consists of The Box, The Zip-line, The Initiatives Course, and The Tower. While challenging, these activities help the kids bond while teaching them important safety skills. The staff at the tower are dedicated and well trained in making the kids have a fun and safe experience. For most of the campers, and some staff, these activities may be frightening at first, but with the support of the Adventure Mountain staff the campers are able to achieve what they thought was impossible.

Jacob Altman,  a staff member, climbed The Tower for the first time this summer and shared with us how he overcame his fear. Jacob said, “I was afraid of heights for a very long time, but this summer I decided to overcome my fear and climb The Tower and I loved it!”

The Zip-line

The Zip-line

The different structures on Adventure Mountain are each very different and fun for the campers.The Tower is a unique climbing structure and the campers get to decide between several different courses around it that test their abilities. The Box is also a climbing wall with varying levels of difficulty on each side. The Initiatives Course consists of different obstacles that encourage teamwork and trust within cabins. Our High Ropes Course also gives campers a chance to test out their balance and bravery high off the ground. Last but not least, The Zip-line gives kids and exhilarating experience as they lean back and observe the beauty around them.

Adventure Mountain continues to be one of the highlights of the summer for many of the campers. The experiences they have will not only help them overcome fears but leave the campers with a special memory of camp.


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