Gesher Gets Messy

By: Mandy Bach, Social Media Intern

IMG_1538Gesher’s 81 campers are learning about their responsibility to those in different circles of their lives. The 7th and 8th graders have a responsibility to themselves, their cabin, their session, camp, Israel, and the world. Different Jewish values are taught alongside the levels of responsibility. For example, Mitzvah goreret mitzvah, or the concept that one good deed leads to another, is taught while learning about responsibility toward camp and the world. The campers also participate in a program about hunger. This activity helps them understand how lucky they are to have what they have while teaching them their role in helping others in their communities and beyond.

In addition to learning about their responsibilities, Zach, one of the rashim, or Unit Heads, first and foremost hopes that the campers have a fantastic summer. One evening, Gesher had an event called Super Sloppy Night where the campers and counselors put on white T-shirts and bathing suits and threw shaving cream, baby oil, paint, and mud at each other. It brought the session closer while giving them the ability to feel more comfortable around each other. Not to mention it got them quite messy. Just as importantly, Zach hopes that they go home and remember at least one thing to share and spread to their family and friends outside of camp. A part of fulfilling their newly-discovered responsibilities is to figure out what to do with them, and we are confident that they will.


Take a look at Gesher’s Super Sloppy Night!

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