Machon Leads the Way!

DSCF6356Our oldest two week campers always take a strong role in camp leadership as the role models in camp. They often are looked to by the younger campers for how to act and what’s cool. Fittingly, this year Machon is taking on the theme of Manhigut, or Leadership, for their session.

One of the most successful programs, and biggest test that Machon campers faced in their leadership skills, was a session wide game of Stratego. Much like the board game, the session was split into two teams and each camper was given a ranking. They were told they had to get the other teams flag, but could not be in groups larger than three, run or yell in order to do it. One of the Unit Heads, Erik, expressed his pride at how “the campers quickly started to work together and come up with really clever ways to retrieve the flag. I was very impressed at how well they took lead and followed each other’s direction.”

The campers themselves are a very social bunch. In a session of 26, every camper was able to form close connections toIMG_4833 everyone in the session. Erik explained that by the end of the session, all of them are a very close knit group and they always travel and hang out together even during free time with other sessions. This was especially apparent when the session went to Adventure Mountain together and were all encouraging each other to try new things, and step out of their comfort zone. Many said later that Adventure Mountain was their favorite activity they did at camp.

Now that the session is ending, Erik hopes that the campers of Machon will enjoy the time they have now to learn to be leaders, because soon they will be faced with many chances to take lead and he knows they will be ready for it.


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