What is Netzer Olami?

By NFTY President Evan Traylor and NFTY  RCVP Jacob Georginow

At the end of every NFTY cheer, you may have heard NFTYites all around you chant, “Noar Tzioni, Tzioni Reformi” over and over again. But what exactly does this mean? And why do NFTYites all across North America sing it as part of our NFTY cheer?

This part of our NFTY cheer signifies our relationship with the Worldwide Progressive Jewish youth movement, Netzer Olami. Netzer stands for Noar Tzioni Reformi (meaning ‘Reform Zionist Youth’) and is the International Reform Zionist youth movement, which is home to thousands of young people in a range of countries spread over four continents. Based in Jerusalem, Netzer Olami (meaning ‘Worldwide Netzer’) is the central headquarters for all of Netzer’s snifim (branches) around the world. Netzer currently has snifim in the following countries: England, Holland, Australia, Argentina, Spain, Russia, Belarus, Germany, South Africa, Ukraine, Baltic Countries, Israel, and North America (NFTY).

While each snif (branch) of Netzer Olami has their characteristics that make them especially unique, all of the snifim are youth-led and strive to engage and empower Reform Jewish teens. The various snifim throughout the world run weekly meetings, summer and winter camps, trips to Israel, leadership training events, study events, social action projects, and many more events similar to NFTY.

Each year, the teen leadership of each snif in Netzer Olami meet in Jerusalem to discuss policy, vote on legislation, and strengthen the relationships between snifim through educational programming, t’filah, and other Jewish experiences.

This year, NFTY President Evan Traylor and I, along with the NFTY Director of Education and Special Projects and advisor to the NFTY Board, Beth Rodin, have the incredible opportunity to represent NFTY at the Netzer Olami Veida, which begins January 6th. We could not be more thrilled to represent NFTY at this meeting and to collaborate with other Reform Jewish leaders. It is our goal to return to NFTY with a broadened sense of identity as a Reform Jewish youth movement, and to continue to create connections and build partnerships with each snif in Netzer Olami. We cannot wait to share with you what we have learned when we return mid-January.

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