#NFTYCelebrates Passover!

NFTY is gearing up for Passover, and we’re celebrating by sharing our Passover Survival Packs on social media! Is there something special your family puts on the seder plate? Do you have a go-to schmear for your matzah (cream cheese, tomato sauce, or something even more wacky)? We want to know about it!

On Thursday, April 21, join us by posting a collage, like the one below, of four things that help you get through and celebrate Passover. We’ll be looking out for your posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with the hashtag #NFTYCelebrates.


We are ready for a wonderful Passover! Our survival pack?

  1. Matzah Pizza because it simply is too good to pass up!
  2. Kosher for Passover Snacks! Did you know that these Israeli Kosher for Passover peanut snacks called Bamba are so popular that there are less kids in Israel who have peanut allergies because they are so exposed to them?
  3. Someone to remind us of the Four Questions that distinguish Passover from all other nights.
  4. Stories to keep the conversation going, like the story of Nachshon, the leader who wasn’t afraid to be the first Israelite to cross the Red Sea: to share with your family over dinner.

How will you survive Passover? #NFTYCelebrates


Passover Resources (and Survival Pack inspiration!)

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