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The Bond That Every Jew Shares

During Rosh Hashanah this year, Quinn S., from NFTY-SoCal was invited to give the High Holy Day appeal during services. What he ended up saying shared his journey through youth group and NFTY.

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Hitting the Mark in 5774

We all may have different strengths and weaknesses, but many of us have the same goals in our lives. On this Yom Kippur, as we atone for the marks we missed in 5773, NFTY-SW looks at what they can do to hit their marks for 5774.

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NFTY-SW: Uniting for the Holidays

NFTY-SW: Uniting for the Holidays

The High Holidays are the one time throughout the year when almost every Jew, regardless of how observant they are, comes out of their year-long hibernation and goes to temple.

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NFTY-SW: D’var Torah for Rosh Hashanah

By Spencer Winson, NFTY-SW President Every morning I wake up at five thirty.  Rolling over, I grab my computer and check Twitter, Tumblr, my blog, and make sure I remembered to do all my homework.  Then I may burn a CD for the 52 minute car ride.  After evacuating the cocoon my bed has become, I stumble into my bathroom, put my contacts in and take a quick shower.  I then get my black uniform polo and boring khaki shorts out of my bottom drawer and put them on.  Walking into the kitchen I make my breakfast and lunch by […]

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Top Five Ways to Celebrate the High Holy Days as a Teenager

Here are a few tips to make the High Holy Days a little less foreign, and maybe even inspirational.

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NFTY-SW President Reflects on the High Holy Days

The time of year has come and gone. That time of the year when our parents drag us to temple for the high holidays. For some of us, this is the only time we spend at temple the whole year. During services, all we can think about is what is going on after services.

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