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NFTY-GER: The Impact of Urban Mitzvah Corps

NFTY-GER: The Impact of Urban Mitzvah Corps

If I could describe my summer in one word to give you guys an idea of what mitzvah corps was like it would be inexplicable. Urban Mitzvah Corp was absolutely, inexplicably, the best decision I have ever made in my entire life.

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On Spending the Summer in NFTY’s Urban Mitzvah Corps

When I landed in New Jersey I knew no one, but once I arrived at the dorm I was greeted by the staff and other teens, and became friends with them instantly. The next day we were introduced to our job sites; we got to choose between four different sites for the session.

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Bay Area Mitzvah Corps at the San Francisco AIDS Walk

NFTY-MAR: Mitzvah Corps is the Experience of a Lifetime

On June 28, a few days after MAR RegBo returned from Mechina held at the URJ Kutz Camp, I boarded US Airways flight 569 destined for San Francisco, which would begin my three and a half week journey on Bay Area Mitzvah Corps

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Maurice Sendak, an Unlikely Hero

By all accounts, Maurice Sendak was an unlikely hero. While his colleagues in the world of children’s literature were creating Disney princesses, romanticizing gender stereotypes that would perpetuate anti-feminism in mainstream culture for decades to come, Sendak was exploring the darker side of the imagination.

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Video: I Believe in Friendship

Video: I Believe in Friendship

My name is Miranda, and I believe in friendship. No, not the cliché, over exaggerated movie recreation of what a friendship should be, but rather a pure, honest form of the word.

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West Coast Party 2012 Registration has Opened!

Head over to Camp Newman for an amazing weekend with over 350 teens from across the western United States. West Coast Party is a bi-annual event that allows Jewish teens to explore their Jewish identity in a safe, Jewish camp environment. Participants will have the opportunity to reunite with friends from Camp Newman, Camp Kalsman, NFTY, EIE, Mitzvah Corps, and NFTY in Israel while meeting new lifelong friends along the way. Check out the great 2012 West Coast Party video! Click here for more information and to register! Let your friends know you’re attending on the West Coast Party Event Page!

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