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J Street U, I’m Hearing Two Things

My name is Debbie. I have the great honor this year to be serving as President of NFTY, the Reform Jewish Youth Movement. One of my favorite things about this role is that I have the opportunity to work with the board and influence how NFTY activates thousands of Jewish teens around issues, including the many facets of Israel . We have seen this year that NFTY has to do a better job of preparing teens to enter college with a deeper understanding of Israel, Israelis and her neighbors. We have committed to pursuing this- starting with Rabbi Jacobs’ promise to ensure that maps with the green line are spread across the movement.

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NFTY’s Leaders Past, Present, and Future Debrief AIPAC

The immediate past, current, and incoming NFTY Presidents all attended AIPAC. The conference allowed this cadre to debrief and vision for what the future of Israel engagement in NFTY could look like. Each NFTY President took away something from the conference with different implications for NFTY. The following are three moments that resonated in terms of our connection individually and as a movement to NFTY.

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NFTY-RCVP: Finding Family in Boise

On Friday night, NFTY NW prayed with the local congregants and the awesome Rabbi Dan Fink. It was apparent that from the second NFTYites stepped foot into the synagogue the CABI community was rejuvenated The Jews in southwestern Idaho are, for the most part, not teenagers. During the Saturday morning service led by NW RCVP Sarah Freyd, and NW Songleader Michael Fishman, the congregation got on their feet, smiling, and seemingly refreshed. I have never seen a community as impacted and genuinely happy to see so many teenagers storming through their doors.

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Netzer Veida: One Community, One Family

The world shrunk this weekend. Three days ago, France was millions of miles away, Australia was on a different planet, and Israel was light years away. Today, I have 14 new countries in my backyard. These countries became places filled with real people and real problems; they jumped out of the news headlines and the TV screens all because of the people we met in the past couple of days.

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NFTY Goes to Netzer Veida!

This weekend, four NFTY delegates will be attending Netzer Olami’s Veida, the annual meeting of Reform Jewish teen leaders worldwide! Follow all the excitement using the hashtag #netzerveida!

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Headlines from NFTY’s 75th Year

As NFTY’s 75th year comes to a close, we find our Movement at a crucial moment in time. While we honor our rich history, we also look toward our vibrant future with much anticipation, joy, and excitement. This year it has been our privilege to serve as the leaders of NFTY, and we want to share and celebrate ten important headlines from NFTY’s 75th year.

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