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A Movement To Remember

by Aaron Heft, 2013-14 NFTY Membership and Communications Vice-President (@nftymcvp, Ever since attending the Netzer Olami International Veida in Jerusalem this past January and learning about all of the wonderful things other sniffim in Netzer Olami are doing within their movements, I had been contemplating whether or not NFTY was truly a movement. Yes we’ve had some amazing ‘movement-moments’ in the past including a NFTY president speaking to a Senate Sub-Committee against the Vietnam War in 1971, being a part of the 200,000 person National March on Washington for Soviet Jewry in 1987 (one of the largest demonstrations in […]

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So, you want to run for board? Youth group election advice

So, you want to run for board? Youth group election advice

The North American Board lays out some tips, created in partnership with their successors, for running for NFTY leadership positions. Check out their tips for each board position!

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“Anachnu Hachalutzim Shel Netzer!” ~ “We Are the Pioneers of Netzer!”

In the second decade of our relationship with Netzer, we truly need to be the “Pioneers of Netzer!”

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BBYO Mifgash & Veida 2014: NFTY Leaders Reflect

NFTY leaders reflect on their experiences at the BBYO NFTY Mifgash and Veida 2014:

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2014-15 NFTY North American Board

Announcing the 2014-15/5774-75 NFTY North American Board-elect

Over President’s Day weekend, 130 teen leaders from our 19 NFTY regions participated in a leadership retreat and board meeting at URJ Greene Family Camp. They elected a new North American board for 2014-2015/5774-5775. We are pleased to introduce you to the NFTY board-elect. They will officially be installed during the next NFTY general board meeting in June at URJ Kutz Camp in Warwick, NY.

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Ten Minutes of Torah

Ten Minutes of Torah: Connecting NFTY’s Past, Present, and Future

New for the 2014 Ten Minutes of Torah: A celebration of the 75th anniversary of NFTY.

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