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If You Can Will It, It Is No Dream

NFTY President Andrew Keene delivered a D’var Torah to NFTY Southern in November 2013 about how dreamers and innovators are the ones who will change the world.

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Opening Netzer Olami Veida in Israel

As we started to descend from our eleven-hour plane ride, it was getting increasingly clearer to the passengers around me that this was my first trip to Israel. Perhaps it was because I looked out the window and loudly exclaimed…

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The Ideology of Netzer Veida

“It’s only been three days and we’re already such good friends!” I’ve heard NFTYites make this excited claim at the end of almost every NFTY event I’ve been to for the past five years and Netzer Veida Olamit is no different.

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Why Should We Bother Caring about Climate Change?

In recent years, global warming has been a pretty hot topic. Many have written, spoken and protested about the threat of global warming – it has even been featured on the big screen! But why is it happening to our Earth? Why should we care?

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NFTY Delegation to WOW 25

Women of the Wall and How to Move Forward

After celebrating the 25th anniversary of Women of the Wall, Ally is not only motivated to further the discussions started, but inspired and empowered by the dedication that our youth movement has for the future of the Reform movement and for Israel.

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Supporting Women of the Wall Starts with Listening

Supporting Women of the Wall Starts with Listening

The week Sarah spent in Israel as part of a delegation team for NFTY going in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Women of the Wall seemed almost impossible to describe, until she considered the impact of some of the smallest moments.

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