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The LGBTQIA Inclusion Task Force: Forging Connections for a Fully Inclusive Community

By Helaine Bach, a member of NFTY-SW and Temple Mount Sinai in El Paso The four days I spent at NFTY Veida last weekend have reaffirmed my love for the NFTY community, my confidence in our ability to make progress as a movement, and my excitement for my own personal future. My time at NFTY Veida and spending time working with the NFTY LGBTQIA Inclusion Task Force were phenomenal. I can hardly describe the impact this weekend has had on my life, but I’d like to try.

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2014-15 NFTY North American Board

Announcing the 2014-15/5774-75 NFTY North American Board-elect

Over President’s Day weekend, 130 teen leaders from our 19 NFTY regions participated in a leadership retreat and board meeting at URJ Greene Family Camp. They elected a new North American board for 2014-2015/5774-5775. We are pleased to introduce you to the NFTY board-elect. They will officially be installed during the next NFTY general board meeting in June at URJ Kutz Camp in Warwick, NY.

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NFTY President, Evan Traylor

My Journey Through NFTY

Looking back on my amazing journey through NFTY, there have definitely been some incredible and life-changing moments that have come to define not only my NFTY career, but also some of my favorite memories. These moments define my life in NFTY.

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North American Board

NFTY Veida Board Report

By Avra Bossov, NFTY Social Action Vice-President People. Pathways. Partnerships. It’s funny how a thing you say on a conference call can wind up being projected to a few hundred people and then distributed as the slogan for the Campaign for Youth Engagement. It’s the people we meet and share this journey through NFTY with that shape who we become. We can all think of that senior who remembered our name as freshmen; the advisor that has helped us grow as regional board members; the fellow board members that turn into best friends; the enthusiastic individuals who turn into your […]

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Leading Beyond our Terms

One of my favorite characters in Jewish history is Yitzhak Rabin. In our entire history, we have never gotten closer to peace between Israel and Palestine as we were during his time as Prime Minister. We have never seen hope that was as contagious as it was during his time.

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NFTY Veida Shabbat

NFTY Veida D’var Torah

This D’var Torah was presented by Austin Zoot, NFTY Religious & Cultural Vice-President, during NFTY’s Veida at the URJ Henry S. Jacobs camp in February. Shabbat Shalom. As our Torah readers so beautifully just read, this week’s Torah portion is Mishpatim, which is our first portion after the giving of the 10 commandments. After we see the big ten, we see a progression of what seem to be random laws. When you take a closer look, though, three of the most random elements of this text actually link together to strike a significant chord to our community that we have […]

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