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So, you want to run for board? Youth group election advice

The North American Board lays out some tips, created in partnership with their successors, for running for NFTY leadership positions. Check out their tips for each board position!

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NFTY-SW: Coming Back to NFTY

When I graduated from NFTY in 2012, I knew my NFTY journey was not yet over. I knew I would be coming back one day as college staff to regional events and that I would live vicariously though the stories that my sister would tell me.

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A Jewish Teen First, A NFTYite Second

This past week I had an incredible opportunity to attend the BBYO International Convention (IC) in Dallas, Texas. Yes, I—a diehard NFTYite—attended a BBYO event. Even more important, I am very happy I chose to do so.

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Ten Minutes of Torah

Ten Minutes of Torah: Connecting NFTY’s Past, Present, and Future

New for the 2014 Ten Minutes of Torah: A celebration of the 75th anniversary of NFTY.

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If You Can Will It, It Is No Dream

NFTY President Andrew Keene delivered a D’var Torah to NFTY Southern in November 2013 about how dreamers and innovators are the ones who will change the world.

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The Ideology of Netzer Veida

“It’s only been three days and we’re already such good friends!” I’ve heard NFTYites make this excited claim at the end of almost every NFTY event I’ve been to for the past five years and Netzer Veida Olamit is no different.

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