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NFTY-NO Summer Kallah 2013

#blogelul 9: Hear (#sumka13 guest bloggers)

I spent some time this morning teaching a track on social media to a group of teens attending NFTY CANOe (Chicago and Northern regions) Summer Kallah (#sumka13). Part of our session was devoted to blogging…

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#BlogElul 3 Bless: That One Time at The Mall

A memory from high school: My friend Michelle and I were at the mall (yes, some New Jersey stereotypes are true). We were just finishing lunch and we looked up at each other and said, “Hey! We should do Birkat Hamazon*!!” There are a couple of things that I find interesting about this memory–looking back at it with an adult rabbi lens.

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A New Year With a Great NFTY Staff

A New Year With a Great NFTY Staff

The NFTY staff continues to amaze Subie Banaszynski, NFTY’s Director, with their talent and skills. She explains that the regional NFTY staff is not only on the ground, they are youth professionals at the head of the table and so much more.

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On Spending the Summer in NFTY’s Urban Mitzvah Corps

When I landed in New Jersey I knew no one, but once I arrived at the dorm I was greeted by the staff and other teens, and became friends with them instantly. The next day we were introduced to our job sites; we got to choose between four different sites for the session.

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NFTY-MAR: Understanding what NFTY taught me

It’s difficult to put into words the impact of my experience with NFTY and DRTY. I could show you thousands of pictures of the best friends I made or the amazing youth-led events I attended across the country. At the end of my NFTY career, I shared those pictures and stories to anyone who would listen.

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Mechina: More than Just a Board Meeting

Phil K, NFTY-NAR CVP pondered, “So, what are you going to do at this event?” he was completely unable to answer her question, mostly because he had absolutely no clue. Phil had never been to an event solely based on leadership.

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