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NFTY-PAR: My Final Event…Spring Kallah

When I arrived at Elections, I greeted everyone and made sure everyone running was calm and relaxed. Honestly, I probably give my friends running more attention, but I made sure I wished all thirteen candidates good luck.

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Binah: Connecting with Judaism & NFTY

For myself, an avid NFTYite and Jewish camper, going to NFTY events and various other Jewish events throughout the year is something I do without thinking about it much. Other events, though, seemed riskier.

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How I Brought EIE Home

How I Brought EIE Home

The spring semester of my sophomore year of high school, I went on NFTY-EIE High School in Israel. I initially found out about the program through a friend of mine in my temple youth group (TYG) who had gone the previous year. After learning more, I was enthralled!

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NFTY-STR: Reflecting on Nashir

Nashir, a song leading workshop for Jewish teenagers all across North America, takes place three times a year, and I’m still trying to comprehend the intensity of the programming and the close bonds I formed over an extremely short period of time.

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NFTY-SW: Coming Back to NFTY

When I graduated from NFTY in 2012, I knew my NFTY journey was not yet over. I knew I would be coming back one day as college staff to regional events and that I would live vicariously though the stories that my sister would tell me.

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Nashir: We’ll Sing Together

Nashir: We’ll Sing Together

Nashir: NFTY’s Teen Songleading Institute is not your typical NFTY event. We don’t have programs on social action or world issues – It’s simply a bunch of teens that want to learn more about songleading

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