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Binah: Connecting with Judaism & NFTY

For myself, an avid NFTYite and Jewish camper, going to NFTY events and various other Jewish events throughout the year is something I do without thinking about it much. Other events, though, seemed riskier.

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How I Brought EIE Home

How I Brought EIE Home

The spring semester of my sophomore year of high school, I went on NFTY-EIE High School in Israel. I initially found out about the program through a friend of mine in my temple youth group (TYG) who had gone the previous year. After learning more, I was enthralled!

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NFTY-STR: Reflecting on Nashir

Nashir, a song leading workshop for Jewish teenagers all across North America, takes place three times a year, and I’m still trying to comprehend the intensity of the programming and the close bonds I formed over an extremely short period of time.

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NFTY-SW: Coming Back to NFTY

When I graduated from NFTY in 2012, I knew my NFTY journey was not yet over. I knew I would be coming back one day as college staff to regional events and that I would live vicariously though the stories that my sister would tell me.

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Nashir: We’ll Sing Together

Nashir: We’ll Sing Together

Nashir: NFTY’s Teen Songleading Institute is not your typical NFTY event. We don’t have programs on social action or world issues – It’s simply a bunch of teens that want to learn more about songleading

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NFTY-SAR: Embracing My Judaism

Walking into first period and tucking her shiny metal pendant into her shirt, she remembers what had happened the last time she had forgotten to do so. “No, it’s not a pentagram.” She replied to the ignorant questions she had received that morning…

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