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I set out to write a pithy, funny little piece about what being a NFTY Senior means to me, and I start crying. NFTY does that, y’know?

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NFTY-CWR: CWR Goes to NFTY Convention

Overwhelming. I think this word describes the first few minutes of NFTY Convention perfectly. Walking up stairs to see literally 400 Jewish teenagers running and screaming out of excitement is pretty out of the ordinary, wouldn’t you say?

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Honoring Mark and Peachy Levy

Honoring Mark and Peachy Levy

Because of Mark and Peachy Levy’s generosity, more than 20,000 young people have been afforded the opportunity to attend NFTY events, travel to Israel, and enjoy exciting summer camping experiences. However, perhaps their greatest gifts are the time and passion they have dedicated to creating the canvas for immersive, meaningful, and transformative Reform Jewish experiences in which to be created.

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Riane Barney

NFTY-CWR: Summers in NFTY

NFTY-CWRites check in with what how they spent this past summer and what effect it had on them!

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NFTY-CWR & NCIP Speaker Maurice Caldwell

NFTY-CWR: Social Action at Spring Conclave

By Talia Gilbert, NFTY-CWR Social Action Vice-President At NFTY-CWR’s final event of the year, Spring Conclave, the social action program was a Q&A with a representative from the Northern California Innocence Project (NCIP), Maurice Caldwell. The NCIP works to free innocent people who are serving time in prison after being wrongly convicted. The organization receives thousands of letters a year from inmates claiming that they are innocent. NCIP goes through a very thorough and lengthy process to determine which cases they actually believe in and, furthermore, which cases are strong enough for them to represent. Maurice was wrongly convicted of […]

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NFTY-CWR: Withdrawals

NFTY withdrawals never affect me until I go back to school and reality hits me like a bus. I have spent a weekend dancing, singing, praying, learning, and making friendships; meanwhile, everyone else at my school was out at a party, or studying for that huge final. School friends could never begin to understand what NFTY means to me, or how honored and excited I am to be the newly elected Religion and Cultural Vice President of NFTY Central West Region. At MTC, my entire life had changed when Noah told me I had won the position; my first instinct […]

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