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Throwback Thursday: GER Fall and CWR Fallinter

On opposite sides of the country, NFTY GER and NFTY CWR celebrated awesome events this past weekend! Check out just some of the fun that went down!

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Benjamin Nakagawa 1

NFTY-GER: Israel from the Inside

This summer I had the most incredible experiences of my life. I traveled the world, made lifelong friends, learned about the history of my people, and strengthened my faith in Judaism. I was able to experience Israel in a way that all Israelis spend their lives– in a time of war.

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Why Should We Bother Caring about Climate Change?

In recent years, global warming has been a pretty hot topic. Many have written, spoken and protested about the threat of global warming – it has even been featured on the big screen! But why is it happening to our Earth? Why should we care?

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NFTY-GER: The Impact of Urban Mitzvah Corps

NFTY-GER: The Impact of Urban Mitzvah Corps

If I could describe my summer in one word to give you guys an idea of what mitzvah corps was like it would be inexplicable. Urban Mitzvah Corp was absolutely, inexplicably, the best decision I have ever made in my entire life.

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Kutz summer experience

NFTY-GER: Sharing my Love of Kutz

Sara has a love of Kutz that many alumni share. In this post, she takes us through the highlights of her summer and how she found her role in NFTY.

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NFTY-GER 7th & 8th Grade Event

NFTY-GER: Thoughts on 7th & 8th Grade Weekend

We get an in-depth reaction to NFTY-GER’s weekend event for 7th and 8th graders! Four people who experienced the weekend give us the details on what got them there and how they left feeling!

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