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NFTY-NEL: My First Event

Going to my first NFTY-NEL event was, for lack of better words, an interesting affair. When it started, I was on the outside of the social circle that is NEL, but by the end, I too was heartbroken to leave the event and the friends that I had made.

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NFTY-NEL: Learning To Save The World and Inspire Others

NFTY-NEL: Learning To Save The World and Inspire Others

When people ask me what I want to be when I grow up, I tell them I am going to save the world. Their responses vary, but I am confident I will do just that because I have a pretty good foundation, thanks to both NFTY- NEL and URJ Camp George.

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How NFTY Influenced My Commitment as a Reform Jew

Now it is for those of my generation to say to each of you – that the future is with you. Words from Mark Anshan, former NFTY President and alumni of NFTY-NEL, as he looks back on how NFTY shaped his life.

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Making a Difference on Mitzvah Day

Youth groups across North America came together on May 12, 2013 for a day of tikkun olam. Learn more about a handful of the incredible projects that benefited throughout the day.

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Men can be Rabbis?!

“Who’s that guy?” I asked my mom. “He’s the rabbi,” she answered. I stared up at my mom, with a blank gaze on my face. When I was eight years old, my family joined a synagogue for the first time. Even before then, we always had a fairly strong sense of Jewish identify in our home – celebrating Shabbat every week at my grandparents’ house and observing Rosh Hashanah, Pesach and Chanukah together. From an early age, I was taught how to express the guttural ‘ch’ sound that permeates our people’s speech, and I have fond memories of helping my […]

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Midwest Mash-Up

Melissa’s D’var Torah: Judges and Justice

NFTY leaders from the Chicago Area, Michigan, Missouri Valley, Northeast Lakes, Northern, and Ohio Valley regions collaborated at Goldman Union Camp Institute in Zionsville, IN, for the inaugural Midwest Mash-up Leadership Boot Camp event. Melissa Frey, director of Kutz Camp and associate director of NFTY, delivered the d’var torah based on parasha Shoftim. Just a week ago, I was at a place many of us have called home, the URJ’s Kutz Camp in Warwick, NY. I was working with our staff preparing camp for impending Hurricane Irene, when I received a call that the EIE Fall semester departure flight had […]

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