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Noah and Emily

NFTY-NO: A Boy, a Giant, and Lessons on Leadership

So there were these two armies, the Israelites and the Philistines, camped on two sides of a valley in Israel. The Philistines are attempting to dismantle the newly formed kingdom of Israel. Now, it was common practice in those days for armies to fight in a type of battle called single-combat in which both armies send down one warrior to fight and decide the battle.

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Throwback Thursday: SumKa14!

A little over a week ago, NFTY-CAR and NFTY-NO came together for Summer Kallah 2014! This week, we celebrate Throwback Thursday with a #TBT to #SumKa14!

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NFTY Alumni in CAR/NO

Why I’m proud to be a NFTY Alumna

Almost 15 years after my first event as a participant, I was truly struck by the amount of alumni who had also returned this weekend to be part of the largest Winter Kallah these two regions have ever seen.

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NFTY-NO Summer Kallah 2013

#blogelul 9: Hear (#sumka13 guest bloggers)

I spent some time this morning teaching a track on social media to a group of teens attending NFTY CANOe (Chicago and Northern regions) Summer Kallah (#sumka13). Part of our session was devoted to blogging…

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Making a Difference on Mitzvah Day

Youth groups across North America came together on May 12, 2013 for a day of tikkun olam. Learn more about a handful of the incredible projects that benefited throughout the day.

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NFTY Veida and The North American Board-Elect

NFTY Veida and The North American Board-Elect

Check out highlights from NFTY’s recent mid-year board meeting (NFTY Veida) at NFTY Convention in Los Angeles, CA. Meet the North American Board-Elect and take a look at other business from Veida.

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