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MVP Monday: Lead From Your Seat

I want to encourage everyone to be that leader from their seat. In most cases, the best leaders are the people who actively engage in the programs, who bring forth new ideas, and who show that they truly care about the organization. Titles don’t matter; what really counts is that you show your passion and love for NFTY. Do that, and people will notice. They will turn their heads towards you when a leader is needed because a title does not define a leader, a leader defines a leader.

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#ThrowbackThursday: NEL, NAR, NE, NW, SO, OV, PAR, SAR Fall!

Eight, count ‘em, EIGHT NFTY regions celebrated fall events this weekend, the most so far in one weekend this year! You will not want to miss out on the fun!

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Throwback Thursday: NW, MI, SAR

Leadership was everywhere this weekend! NFTY-Northwest, Southern Area, and Michigan all hosted Leadership-events. Check out the great things they did!

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The Makings of a Leader

What does it mean to be on Regional Board? Most of us would probably say that to be on Regional Board is to be an exceptional leader and role model. But really, what does that mean? What does it mean to be a true youth leader?

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Binah: Connecting with Judaism & NFTY

For myself, an avid NFTYite and Jewish camper, going to NFTY events and various other Jewish events throughout the year is something I do without thinking about it much. Other events, though, seemed riskier.

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Nashir: We’ll Sing Together

Nashir: We’ll Sing Together

Nashir: NFTY’s Teen Songleading Institute is not your typical NFTY event. We don’t have programs on social action or world issues – It’s simply a bunch of teens that want to learn more about songleading

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