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Throwback Thursday: NFTY SW, MV, OV, TOR

Four regions hosted events this week, from every corner of the country. Check out all of the fun and excitement from the events!

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Thank You for Being My Brother’s Keeper

The following is a transcript of a speech delivered during Saturday morning services by Zak Kadish, NFTY Ohio Valley Programming Vice President, at NFTY Mechina last week.
356 days ago, the lives of my brother Ethan Kadish, my family, and myself were changed forever by a freak weather incident, a bolt out of the blue. When my brother was struck by lightning, our entire world was shattered, replaced by an impermeable darkness and fear for the future.

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Lobbying with AIPAC: The Opportunity to Make a Real Difference

Activism. The opportunity to make a difference is all around us. And I think I made it. Lobbying was exhausting. I spent the day with a huge smile plastered on my face and hadn’t introduced myself this many times since my very first NFTY event. My feet hurt, I was hungry, but I know I made a difference.

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NFTY goes to Israel to Celebrate 25 Years of Women of the Wall

Today, a delegation of five NFTYites will travel to Israel to join with other groups in honoring the 25th anniversary of the Women of the Wall, the group aimed at achieving social and legal recognition of women’s rights. See who is going and what they’ll be up to!

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Nitzavim & Vayelech: A D’var Torah

This week’s torah portion is actually a double portion – we read both Nitzavim and Vayelech. This is partly because all of the Torah portions don’t fit in a lunar year (there are 54 torah portions and only 50 weeks in a lunar calendar), and partly because these two portions flow into each other almost seamlessly as the Torah begins to wrap up.

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How NFTY Convention Changed Me

By Marlana Fireman, NFTY-OV Religious & Cultural Vice President I recently embarked on the trip of a lifetime. As cliche as it sounds, it’s true. I woke up at 5:15am on a Friday and sped off into the night to the Port Columbus International Airport to begin my journey to Los Angeles, California for NFTY Convention 2013. I joined about 900 reform Jewish teens from around the world as well as about 300 staff members on an adventure that surely changed my life. The weekend was unforgettable, but someone particularly incredible stuck out in my mind: Marc Elliot, a former NFTY-ite and […]

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