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NFTY-SW Spring Kallah 2015 Recap

Spring Kallah was an incredible weekend, and I wouldn’t have expected anything less after what has been a truly outstanding year. Thanks to all our parents, staff, congregations, rabbis, and participants for making it one to remember! We will miss the graduating class of 2015, but your legacies will stay with us forever. You have led us with positivity, inclusivity, creativity, and class, and you will always be remembered and appreciated.

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Why NFTY is Wearing Orange on June 2

Why NFTY is Wearing Orange on June 2

Unfortunately, gun violence enters our lives when we least expect it. As a movement based off the principle of tzedek, or justice, it is not enough for us to only recognize what is happening. It is our duty as NFTYites, as Jews, and as people to ensure gun violence is no longer part of our culture. There are many measures we can take towards raising awareness to gun violence prevention, but we need your help to make it happen.

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Observing Memorial Day the URJ Camp Way

Observing Memorial Day the URJ Camp Way

By Jamie Mafdali NFTY-STR youth professional; Youth Director at Temple Dor Dorim When some people think of Memorial Day they think of beaches, barbecues, and mattress sales. Others think of the men and women who lost their lives in service of this great country. And still others think of the memory of Jenny Rosenthal. As the beginnings of a URJ Mitzvah Corps camp for underprivileged children began to emerge in late 1987, Jenny Rosenthal from Montgomery, Alabama was killed in a serious car accident. Jenny Rosenthal loved URJ Camp Coleman and NFTY. Knowing the love that Jenny had for camp, it […]

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NFTY-PAR – Ongoing Professional Development: Wait, How Do You Do That?

“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” This wise and intuitive statement was spoken by none other than one of the fathers of education, John Dewey. We are all educators. Whether you spend the lion’s share of your time planning and executing traditional education programs, youth group programs, or simply spending time with your families, we are all constantly teaching each other. As Jewish Educators, we believe that we should lead by example in every facet of our lives. This resonated with me when I was asked to participate this year in a joint venture offered by NFTY-PAR and Camp Harlam.

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NFTY-MAR: Spring Kallah 2015 D’Var Torah – Tazria Metzora

This week’s parsha, Tazria and Metzora, continues the discussion of the laws of tumah v’taharah, ritual purity and impurity. First, outlined is childbirth. If a women gives birth to a boy she will be impure for a total of 40 days, yet for a girl she will be impure for a total of 80. Ding, ding, ding. Off goes my NFTY alarm. This years NFTY action theme is Shivyon, equality. Why is it that if a girl is born, the mother is “impure” twice as long as if she had bore a boy?

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NFTY-NAR: Humans of NFTY

Throughout the course of the weekend at NFTY-NAR’s Spring Kallah, we asked our high school seniors to share some of their thoughts around what it means to be a “Human of NFTY.” Below are three responses from Barak Stockler, Jen Gordon and Jared Fischer, who are members at Congregation Kol Ami in White Plains, NY.

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