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NFTY-NEL: My First Event

Going to my first NFTY-NEL event was, for lack of better words, an interesting affair. When it started, I was on the outside of the social circle that is NEL, but by the end, I too was heartbroken to leave the event and the friends that I had made.

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NFTY-MV: Camp Rainbow, More Than a Mitzvah Project

NFTY-MV: Camp Rainbow, More Than a Mitzvah Project

Mother, father, aunt, uncle – that’s who you become as a Camp Rainbow counselor. You are your camper’s rock. For one week, your camper relies on you to be all these people – a camp counselor.

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NFTY Veida 2014: An Empowering Weekend

By Zach Heiman, NFTY-MV President It’s not easy to describe to somebody who isn’t in NFTY why it’s so special.  How do you describe how a few events every year with people whom you may not know all that well come together to create such an incredible experience?  I wasn’t sure how to answer that question, and I still may not be, but my experiences at NFTY Veida 2014 helped me to come closer to reaching an answer to that question.

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NFTY-SW Social Action Weekend

NFTY-SW: A Busy Winter in Southwest

From West Coast Party to NFTY Veida and everything in between, NFTY-Southwest has been very active this winter. Read about everything we’ve been up to!

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NFTY-NE: The Power of Planning a Region-Wide Event

After a snow storm (ironically named Nemo) cancelled Winter Wonderland last year, all of MANTY really wanted to create an amazing event…

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Sammi with Palm Trees

Shnat Netzer: A Gap Year Adventure

By Sammi Donchin, Past President, NFTY-TOR In my life, I have been incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such a wonderful Jewish community in Oklahoma. My temple family has always been so close to my heart, and have helped me achieve my dreams. When high school came around, so did the adventure of NFTY. In NFTY-TOR, I was blessed to be elected Social Action Vice President of my region in 2011-2012. That was one of the most challenging and exciting periods of my life. I was able to find creative ways to incorporate social action and social justice to my region. […]

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