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NFTY-PAR: Accepting Social Action through the Parsha

Where do we find Moses and Jethro in our greater surroundings? I believe we find Moses in underserved and underprivileged communities. I think we find Moses in vulnerable people, whether that is due to abuse, homelessness, poverty, mental illness you name it — people who have been dealt an extremely difficult hand, with very vague instructions.

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NFTY-PAR: Why We’re Different

When was the last time you told someone how you feel about them? Not someone you’re close with, but someone who made an impact on you, without them even knowing. For me, it’s been a while. But why?

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NFTY-PAR: Feeling like a true NFTY Senior at Fall Kallah

I am not like the typical PARite. I went to Hag/Mac at the end of my ninth grade year. I did not enjoy it all. Following it, the odds of me returning to NFTY-PAR were slim to none. Am I glad I gave it another shot!

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Honored Members at PAR Fall Kallah 2013

NFTY-PAR: How Do You Wrestle With Your Judaism?

When you think of the word Wrestle would parshat Vayishlach come to your mind? Of course it would! This Parsha is about Jacob’s transformation into Israel. Read why Audrey F. thinks this is especially significant for us.

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NFTY-PAR: Fall Kallah Recap – In Your Words

We pored over Twitter to find the best tweets from PAR-ites to help up re-tell the story that was Fall Kallah 2013. Check out what everyone had to say!

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PAR and MAR Boards at PAR’s Fall Kallah

NFTY-PAR and NFTY-MAR Board Leadership Exchange Experience

At Mechina, NFTY-PAR President Isaac S. didn’t think that his regional board would grow particularly close with anyone outside of their region. He found though, that they forged a deep bond with their neighbor region, NFTY-MAR. Read how the boards came together at a recent PAR event.

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