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How Can We Redefine Leadership?

NFTY is made up of over 7,000 Jewish teens from across North America. In each of the 19 regions, there is a wide range of teens who serve on their regional board. Each has something special to add to their position, and each recognizes their role as a leader. However, what about the other teens in our movement? Why shouldn’t they have the opportunity to serve their region, too? These questions came up a lot during my time at the URJ Kutz Camp this summer, where I had the opportunity to learn from almost 80 passionate Regional and Temple Youth Group leaders in the Leadership Academy.

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NFTY-SAR: Embracing My Judaism

Walking into first period and tucking her shiny metal pendant into her shirt, she remembers what had happened the last time she had forgotten to do so. “No, it’s not a pentagram.” She replied to the ignorant questions she had received that morning…

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Hosting NFTY-SAR Fall Kallah Transformed our Youth Community

Hosting NFTY-SAR Fall Kallah Transformed our Youth Community

Hosting a Regional NFTY event wouldn’t just be great for our teens, but it would have the power to transform our youth programs even further towards becoming a Youth Community, says Rabbi Fred Greene as he reflects on hosting NFTY-SAR’s Fall Kallah

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The Magic of Camp Jenny

What happens when two societies collide? What transpires when 108, mostly African-American elementary school students from inner-city Atlanta meet 115 all-white Jewish teenagers from across the southeast at a URJ camp for a weekend? What happens when societal environs that separate us are put aside for just a short time? Magic.

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Camp Jenny: These Kids Will Remember You

Nearly two weeks ago, Michelle arrived at URJ Camp Coleman for Camp Jenny. She left 4 days later truly believing in the magic of camp.

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Making Camp Jenny My Legacy

NFTY-STR’s SAVP, Adam, shares the impact Camp Jenny has had on him and how he wants to leave a legacy of caring at camp.

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