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NFTY events are back! Check out the awesome fun going on at NFTY-MV SLIID Fall Kallah and SoCal Fall Kallah this past weekend!

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The Community that is Biennial

Imagine: a young freshman flies across the country to attend her third NFTY event. She doesn’t know any of the teens she is about to meet, and her roommates are complete strangers. Four days later, she leaves with amazing new friends, an unforgettable experience, and a new sense of pride in being a NFTYite and a Reform Jew.

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The Bond That Every Jew Shares

During Rosh Hashanah this year, Quinn S., from NFTY-SoCal was invited to give the High Holy Day appeal during services. What he ended up saying shared his journey through youth group and NFTY.

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NFTY Giants: A Giant I Hadn’t Met

She may be months younger and many inches shorter, but Katie S. believes that this person is truly a NFTY Giant

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The Boston Tragedy: Reflecting & Reacting

Today I walked through the front door, eagerly asking my mom if it we were going on a run. She replied by pointing at the TV. The news was on and the screen read: ‘Two explosions at Boston Marathon Finish’.

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SoCal 3 Kallot

NFTY-SoCal: Elections Kallah

This event, above all the rest, truly decides the future of our beautiful region, NFTY SoCal. Elections Kallah has always been an event that I believe brings our community closer together.

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