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Finding a New High Holiday Regimen

Some people find it extremely difficult to observe Yom Kippur. I am one of those people. For countless years I saw this holiday as something that came and passed quickly, nothing to think too heavily about.

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Malaria, Nothing But Nets, and the URJ

As Jews, we have an obligation to help those in need. Currently, there are billions of people in need of a great deal of help. Though this help can come in many ways, NFTY has chosen to focus on malaria for the month of October.

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NFTY-SW: Showing Our True Colors

It’s hard to believe that three weeks ago I was counting down the days until LTI. Now I sit here counting down the days until Fall Kallah. LTI came and went in the blink of an eye, but the memories that were made are set in stone.

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Hitting the Mark in 5774

We all may have different strengths and weaknesses, but many of us have the same goals in our lives. On this Yom Kippur, as we atone for the marks we missed in 5773, NFTY-SW looks at what they can do to hit their marks for 5774.

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NFTY-SW: A D’var Torah for the New Year

As we enter this new year, we ask G-d to forgive us for the sins we have committed in the past year. We thank G-d for the blessings G-d has given us. And we pray for a happy, healthy, and sweet year for our family and friends. As we enter this year, 5774, we in NFTY will address our responsibility to others.

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NFTY-SW: Incorporating Technology into Services

Scott R. wanted to integrate technology into his region’s youth-led service and made it happen at their Leadership Training Institute. See what Scott did and read reaction from a congregant!

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