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Throwback Thursday: NFTY SW, MV, OV, TOR

Four regions hosted events this week, from every corner of the country. Check out all of the fun and excitement from the events!

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Sammi with Palm Trees

Shnat Netzer: A Gap Year Adventure

By Sammi Donchin, Past President, NFTY-TOR In my life, I have been incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such a wonderful Jewish community in Oklahoma. My temple family has always been so close to my heart, and have helped me achieve my dreams. When high school came around, so did the adventure of NFTY. In NFTY-TOR, I was blessed to be elected Social Action Vice President of my region in 2011-2012. That was one of the most challenging and exciting periods of my life. I was able to find creative ways to incorporate social action and social justice to my region. […]

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Nashir: The Impact of Specialized Programming

Imagine a kid in your community that seems lost, like they don’t quite belong. The teen that is there, hanging on by a thread – interested, but can’t find their way. I was that kid before NFTY Nashir.

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NFTY goes to Israel to Celebrate 25 Years of Women of the Wall

Today, a delegation of five NFTYites will travel to Israel to join with other groups in honoring the 25th anniversary of the Women of the Wall, the group aimed at achieving social and legal recognition of women’s rights. See who is going and what they’ll be up to!

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Round Challah: Looking Back at NFTY

Round Challah: Looking Back at NFTY

Jenna looks back at her NFTY days and fondly remembers how it shaped her then and now.

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Allison K.

A letter to my daughter for her first NFTY year

Allison recently wrote this heartfelt letter to her daughter, Logan, after dropping her off at her first Spring Kallah. She speaks of the gratitude she feels and retells her own NFTY experience over 25 years ago in the same region.

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