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NFTY-PAR: United Donations NFTY-MVP: MVP Monday, TYG Starter Guide

Throwback Thursday: NW, MI, SAR

Leadership was everywhere this weekend! NFTY-Northwest, Southern Area, and Michigan all hosted Leadership-events. Check out the great things they did!

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NFTY-PAR: United Donations

NFTY brings thousands of Jewish teenagers from across the country together. People might ask the significance of NFTY and one might answer, “to form friendships” while another might say, “to learn about Judaism.” It took me a while to realize what made NFTY special to me as an individual.


NFTY-MVP: MVP Monday, TYG Starter Guide

Welcome to the first MVP Monday post, dedicated solely towards “What is NFTY: A Short History of NFTY.” This section from the TYG Starter Guide can be found in Chapter 1, page 7-8.

The Bond That Every Jew Shares

18 October 2013

During Rosh Hashanah this year, Quinn S., from NFTY-SoCal was invited to give the High Holy Day appeal during services. What he ended up saying shared his journey through youth group and NFTY.

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Advocating to Save Lives from Malaria

17 October 2013

Advocacy is a word that gets thrown around a lot. It’s something that most of us have heard in some sort of discussion about social action. But what is advocacy and why is it important?

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NFTY alumni optimistic after Pew study

14 October 2013

Though a study finds the percentage of U.S. adults who say they are Jewish is now a little less than 2%, that doesn't discourage some Jewish campus leaders like former NFTY President Evan Traylor.

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NFTY-MAR: Supporting our Community #HelpHOPELive

14 October 2013

NFTY-MAR recently passed a resolution to donate all money raised in the "jugs" at JELLO and Fall Kallah 2013 to HelpHOPElive in honor of Ethan Kadish!

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Finding a New High Holiday Regimen

13 October 2013

Some people find it extremely difficult to observe Yom Kippur. I am one of those people. For countless years I saw this holiday as something that came and passed quickly, nothing to think too heavily about.

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Strength and Humor within our American Jewish Communities

11 October 2013

This Shabbat, Alex Kress wants to take our focus from the micro of the High Holy Days to the macro; from focusing on bettering ourselves to thinking about how we can strengthen the American Jewish community as a whole.

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