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NFTY-TOR: #TORnvn14 Shmooze! NFTY-MVP: C-Dubb Smash Hit!
TOR Board 3

NFTY-TOR: #TORnvn14 Shmooze!

Now we know that no one opened the Shmooze thinking "I want to hear someone rant about hatred or unnecessary deaths." But in the spirit of thinking deeper at NVN, the board wanted to make you think a little about ways we can make the world a better place. So from playing Australian baseball to giving tzedakah, how are you going to fix the world?

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NFTY-MVP: C-Dubb Smash Hit!

CWR, I want to thank you for welcoming your home to me and making me feel like I’ve been a member there for years. I enjoyed every bit of the weekend, from the cool, camp air to the glow in the dark dodge-ball game Saturday night. What an amazing kick-off event, and I can’t wait to see you all at NFTY Convention 2015!


NFTY events are back! Check out the awesome fun going on at NFTY-MV SLIID Fall Kallah and SoCal Fall Kallah this past weekend!

NFTY-PAR: Fall Kallah Recap – In Your Words

28 November 2013

We pored over Twitter to find the best tweets from PAR-ites to help up re-tell the story that was Fall Kallah 2013. Check out what everyone had to say!

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NFTY-STR: Giving Thanks and Giving Back

24 November 2013

It is a cool, sunny Thanksgiving morning and waking up is the best feeling of all. Family is home, the turkey is in the oven, and everything seems perfect. The story of Thanksgiving starts with the pilgrims coming to Plymouth in the 17th century...

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PAR and MAR Boards at PAR’s Fall Kallah

NFTY-PAR and NFTY-MAR Board Leadership Exchange Experience

22 November 2013

At Mechina, NFTY-PAR President Isaac S. didn’t think that his regional board would grow particularly close with anyone outside of their region. He found though, that they forged a deep bond with their neighbor region, NFTY-MAR. Read how the boards came together at a recent PAR event.

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Hosting NFTY-SAR Fall Kallah Transformed our Youth Community

Hosting NFTY-SAR Fall Kallah Transformed our Youth Community

21 November 2013

Hosting a Regional NFTY event wouldn’t just be great for our teens, but it would have the power to transform our youth programs even further towards becoming a Youth Community, says Rabbi Fred Greene as he reflects on hosting NFTY-SAR's Fall Kallah

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Why Should We Bother Caring about Climate Change?

18 November 2013

In recent years, global warming has been a pretty hot topic. Many have written, spoken and protested about the threat of global warming - it has even been featured on the big screen! But why is it happening to our Earth? Why should we care?

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NFTY-GER: The Impact of Urban Mitzvah Corps

NFTY-GER: The Impact of Urban Mitzvah Corps

18 November 2013

If I could describe my summer in one word to give you guys an idea of what mitzvah corps was like it would be inexplicable. Urban Mitzvah Corp was absolutely, inexplicably, the best decision I have ever made in my entire life.

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