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First and foremost, thank you for showing me some true southern hospitality. I had a truly special weekend attending your Fall Kallah at Congregation Dor Tamid in Duluth, Georgia. Not only did I have the honor of going to the NFTY event, I had the amazing opportunity to learn and visit the school that Camp Jenny partners with.


NFTY-PAR: As Jews We Hold On To Hope

Hope can get complicated in our modern world. What are we supposed to hope for? Hope for peace in the Middle East? Hope to get an A on our math test? Hope that this D’var is over soon? I can’t answer those questions for you. We all hope for different things. What I do hope is that we can all strive to follow the Golden Rule “do not unto others as you would have them do unto you”. No matter what types of people we encounter, it is our purpose as Jews to hold onto hope for a better world and mutual understanding among all people.

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NFTY-SO: Bringing the Holy Home – NFTY Southern’s Social Action Day

At NFTY Southern Institute, teens worked together to define what makes NFTY Southern a kehillah kedoshah, a holy community. To wrap up the weekend, we sent them with the charge of “bringing the holy home” – taking the holiness that they create in our NFTY regional community, and sharing it with the communities they are a part of. In our first Regional Social Action Day, they did just that. Thank you to Emma Figarsky, 10th grade from Little Rock, and Benny Meltzer, 11th grade from Baton Rouge, for sharing their insight and reflections on this experience!


NFTY-PAR: Feeling like a true NFTY Senior at Fall Kallah

17 December 2013

I am not like the typical PARite. I went to Hag/Mac at the end of my ninth grade year. I did not enjoy it all. Following it, the odds of me returning to NFTY-PAR were slim to none. Am I glad I gave it another shot!

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Remembering Former NFTY Leaders

05 December 2013

NFTY suffered two losses of long time significant UAHC/NFTY staff leaders over the past month.

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Summing Up NFTY’s Women of the Wall Delegation Trip

04 December 2013

The day Sara returned home from Women of the Wall Delegation trip, one of her friends asked how the trip was. Tears came to her eyes and “I don’t know” was the only thing she could get myself to say. There’s no way that the trip could be summed up in a couple words, let alone a couple sentences...

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Paul Reichenbach at Kutz '77

It Takes a Sisterhood: WRJ and Youth

03 December 2013

Not a day goes by when Paul Reichenbach doesn't cherish the opportunity to help enable thousands of children to have an extraordinary camp experience, a gift he was given as a 17 year old.

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Honored Members at PAR Fall Kallah 2013

NFTY-PAR: How Do You Wrestle With Your Judaism?

30 November 2013

When you think of the word Wrestle would parshat Vayishlach come to your mind? Of course it would! This Parsha is about Jacob’s transformation into Israel. Read why Audrey F. thinks this is especially significant for us.

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NFTY-PAR: Fall Kallah Recap – In Your Words

28 November 2013

We pored over Twitter to find the best tweets from PAR-ites to help up re-tell the story that was Fall Kallah 2013. Check out what everyone had to say!

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