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NFTY-PAR: United Donations NFTY-MVP: MVP Monday, TYG Starter Guide

Throwback Thursday: NW, MI, SAR

Leadership was everywhere this weekend! NFTY-Northwest, Southern Area, and Michigan all hosted Leadership-events. Check out the great things they did!

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NFTY-PAR: United Donations

NFTY brings thousands of Jewish teenagers from across the country together. People might ask the significance of NFTY and one might answer, “to form friendships” while another might say, “to learn about Judaism.” It took me a while to realize what made NFTY special to me as an individual.


NFTY-MVP: MVP Monday, TYG Starter Guide

Welcome to the first MVP Monday post, dedicated solely towards “What is NFTY: A Short History of NFTY.” This section from the TYG Starter Guide can be found in Chapter 1, page 7-8.


Happy Mother’s Day to our Heroines…our MOMS!

12 May 2013

The best gifts in the world are the people in our lives and the moments we share together, especially when those people are our mothers, the women who have made us strong, resilient and loving.

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NFTY-MV: From Generation to Generation

08 May 2013

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. where I attended the Religious Action Center’s flagship policy conference, Consultation on Conscience. I spent four days listening to inspiring speakers, having meaningful discussions, and learning more than I ever thought possible.

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NFTY-PAR: The Magic of NFTY

08 May 2013

In hearing an interpretation of the Torah portion Emor, Gary couldn’t help but reflect on how NFTY-PAR teens view each other at NFTY events. Cherished is the feeling that everyone who wants to be accepted is accepted for who they are – without regard to their wounds, blemishes, or imperfections.

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Allison K.

A letter to my daughter for her first NFTY year

08 May 2013

Allison recently wrote this heartfelt letter to her daughter, Logan, after dropping her off at her first Spring Kallah. She speaks of the gratitude she feels and retells her own NFTY experience over 25 years ago in the same region.

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NFTY-PAR: What is your NFTY Legacy?

07 May 2013

During Spring Kallah 2013, we discussed leaving our legacy and what that entails. Watch some of our remarkable PAFTY and PAR Alumni share their NFTY-PAR Legacy with us!

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NFTY-MV: Temple Israel youth group enjoys JYG chavurah in St. Louis

02 May 2013

Some members of Temple Israel’s junior youth group for 7th and 8th graders, JYG, got a taste of what’s in store for them over the next four years if they join OTYG, the Omaha Temple Youth Group for high school students, when they recently traveled to St. Louis for their regional conclave

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