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The Balance of Tu B Thank You for Being My Brother
Heart for Tu Bav

The Balance of Tu B’Av

  Hope Chernak is the Director of Youth and Informal Education at Temple Shaaray Tefila. Today is Tu B’Av.  Did you know that? Tu B’Av it’s one of those Jewish Holidays that not everyone is familiar with since it falls over the summer.  In the past, if Valentine’s Day fell on one of our youth group nights (TaSTY Lounge Night), I would use the opportunity to talk about Tu B’Av with our teens so they had a chance to learn about this summer holiday (even in the dead of the winter!).  I always found it interesting that this holiday comes […]

Throwback Thursday Mechina Edition

A little over a week ago, NFTY's general board arrived at the URJ Kutz Camp for five days of learning, praying, and growing. While the event might be over, it's time to throw it back to all of the incredible people and events that made the long weekend unforgettable. t

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Thank You for Being My Brother’s Keeper

The following is a transcript of a speech delivered during Saturday morning services by Zak Kadish, NFTY Ohio Valley Programming Vice President, at NFTY Mechina last week. 356 days ago, the lives of my brother Ethan Kadish, my family, and myself were changed forever by a freak weather incident, a bolt out of the blue. When my brother was struck by lightning, our entire world was shattered, replaced by an impermeable darkness and fear for the future.

PAR Spring Kallah 2013

NFTY-PAR: Tazria and M’tzora

19 April 2013

Amanda Wachstein, NFTY-PAR Regional Advisor, was nominated by her regional board to handle the D'var Torah duties for Spring Kallah 2013.

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The Boston Tragedy: Reflecting & Reacting

16 April 2013

Today I walked through the front door, eagerly asking my mom if it we were going on a run. She replied by pointing at the TV. The news was on and the screen read: ‘Two explosions at Boston Marathon Finish’.

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NFTY-NAR: That’s Why NFTY is Special

12 April 2013

I have recently been quoted for saying “Mom and Dad, I want to go on an adventure!” This past February, along with fellow BNTY member Adam, I represented our temple at NFTY Convention, where over 860 Jewish teens shared their love for Judaism.

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NFTY-MAR: Surpassing our Goals

05 April 2013

I am writing this blog with a smile on my face. To be honest, I could not be more proud to be a part of NFTY-MAR this year. Our fundraising efforts have surpassed my wildest dreams.

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NFTY-CAR: May Your Memory Be A Blessing. (Why I go to camp…)

05 April 2013

With summer quickly approaching, I have many asking me what I will be doing for the next 2 months. Summer is often associated with relaxing on the beach, spending quality time with family, and kicking back with old friends. However, my answer is different.

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Lobbying for Marriage Equality in Israel

29 March 2013

Two weeks ago, I was at the Knesset, Israel's legislative parliament, wearing Noar Telem's uniform, and I couldn't feel any prouder that we are making our voice abundantly clear in front of our elected representatives.

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