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My Legs Were Praying NFTY-CWR: Special Report
My Legs Were Praying

My Legs Were Praying

That is entrenched racism. That is privilege. That is why I walked and thought and prayed my way from Selma to Montgomery; it’s not enough for only my teens to be safe. Emma Lazarus wrote, “until we are all free, we are none of us free.” Repairing the world requires activism on behalf of everyone. Social action is just that – action. It comes from a life of movement, continuing to put one foot in front of the other, praying with our legs, marching toward justice.

5 Things I Saw In Israel During Elections

This past week I took an amazing family trip to Israel. We started in the north and travelled around the country for about 9 days. Our trip happened to fall on Israel’s federal elections. It was an interesting time to be in Israel, and these are a few things my family and I experienced while we were there.


NFTY-CWR: Special Report – NFTY Convention

The first thought that most people have when they hear NFTY Convention is “What is that?” NFTY is the North American Federation of Temple Youth. In February, NFTY held its bi- annual convention in Atlanta, Georgia with 1,000 teens and 300 staff members, or youth professionals, in attendance. The theme “Myself, My Community and My World” was the perfect definition of everything that we were about to explore in our journey throughout the weekend.


NFTY-NE: Standing For Our Beliefs

04 February 2014

In NFTY, I found myself surrounded by people who wanted to learn as much as I did. I fed off of their energy and gained new determination to keep learning. My passion for Judaism grew with each event and eventually became so strong that I decided I want to become a rabbi.

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If You Can Will It, It Is No Dream

31 January 2014

NFTY President Andrew Keene delivered a D'var Torah to NFTY Southern in November 2013 about how dreamers and innovators are the ones who will change the world.

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NFTY-NE: What is NFTY?

29 January 2014

I always get asked the age-old question, "What's NFTY?", and I always struggle to find an answer. Usually I just ask, "Do you want the formal answer or do you want my answer?"

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Nashir: The Impact of Specialized Programming

28 January 2014

Imagine a kid in your community that seems lost, like they don’t quite belong. The teen that is there, hanging on by a thread – interested, but can’t find their way. I was that kid before NFTY Nashir.

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NFTY-PAR: Accepting Social Action through the Parsha

27 January 2014

Where do we find Moses and Jethro in our greater surroundings? I believe we find Moses in underserved and underprivileged communities. I think we find Moses in vulnerable people, whether that is due to abuse, homelessness, poverty, mental illness you name it -- people who have been dealt an extremely difficult hand, with very vague instructions.

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Opening Netzer Olami Veida in Israel

18 January 2014

As we started to descend from our eleven-hour plane ride, it was getting increasingly clearer to the passengers around me that this was my first trip to Israel. Perhaps it was because I looked out the window and loudly exclaimed...

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