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NFTY-TOR: #TORnvn14 Shmooze! NFTY-MVP: C-Dubb Smash Hit!
TOR Board 3

NFTY-TOR: #TORnvn14 Shmooze!

Now we know that no one opened the Shmooze thinking "I want to hear someone rant about hatred or unnecessary deaths." But in the spirit of thinking deeper at NVN, the board wanted to make you think a little about ways we can make the world a better place. So from playing Australian baseball to giving tzedakah, how are you going to fix the world?

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NFTY-MVP: C-Dubb Smash Hit!

CWR, I want to thank you for welcoming your home to me and making me feel like I’ve been a member there for years. I enjoyed every bit of the weekend, from the cool, camp air to the glow in the dark dodge-ball game Saturday night. What an amazing kick-off event, and I can’t wait to see you all at NFTY Convention 2015!


NFTY events are back! Check out the awesome fun going on at NFTY-MV SLIID Fall Kallah and SoCal Fall Kallah this past weekend!


NFTY-SW: Mitzvah Day Through My Own Foundation

10 June 2013

On NFTY Mitzvah Day, NFTYites volunteered to pick up trash, donate useful items and walk for a cause that has effected themselves or a loved one. For one NFTY Southwest teen, NFTY Mitzvah Day volunteered with his very own literacy foundation.

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NFTY-PAR: Bigs and Littles

10 June 2013

As the Co-Secretaries of New Members at Hag/Mac, it was Aviva and Ian's job to pair the 56 “Littles” (new members) with “Bigs” (veteran members) and to ensure that they had an amazing first event. See how they did!

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The Magic of Camp Jenny

09 June 2013

What happens when two societies collide? What transpires when 108, mostly African-American elementary school students from inner-city Atlanta meet 115 all-white Jewish teenagers from across the southeast at a URJ camp for a weekend? What happens when societal environs that separate us are put aside for just a short time? Magic.

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Finding Openness and Acceptance in NFTY

06 June 2013

Jenn found that NFTY helped her realize that her voice and opinions were valued - things you don't always find in high school. Jenn took that acceptance and became an outspoken advocate for equality and LGBT rights.

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NFTY-PAR: Appreciating Jewish Music

06 June 2013

Ross Levy was planning to lead a music appreciation program during NFTY-PAR's Hagigah/Maccabiah, what he ended up with was a room full of NFTYites creating amazing music together.

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NFTY-PAR: Cooking With PAR

06 June 2013

Playing on NFTY-PAR's event theme of "PAR's Playground," RSTY Advisor Ali Petok put some healthy twists on kid favorite recipes while teach a cooking club to participants.

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