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NFTY-PAR: Inserting Judaism NFTY-MVP: Coming to a Blog Near You
PAR 9.2.14

NFTY-PAR: Inserting Judaism

Judaism is what brings us together. It is the one thing all kids in NFTY-PAR have in common, no matter how religious one is or what synagogue they belong to. The interesting question that raises is, should Judaism be incorporated in our programs and activities and how? Or should it be just our shared characteristic?

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NFTY-MVP: Coming to a Blog Near You

COMING SOON TO A BLOG NEAR YOU: MVP MONDAY!! I’ve come to realize that in NFTY, we often say we should “start with why,” a quote taken from Simon Sinek’s informational TedTalk (insert link here). All of the greatest organizations, all of the greatest leaders in the world don’t believe in first defining the problem. They believe that they must first understand why they do what they do. This holds true in NFTY, because we continually progress and change. I believe we should “start with why.”

Throwback Thursday: PAR and NE

After a wonderful summer, NFTY-PAR and NFTY-NE both kicked off their new school year with an event! PAR's Summer Leadership Kallah and NE's Summer Institute were both roaring successes. Take a look!

NFTY-NAR: NFTY Convention in a Nutshell

30 April 2013

As I sit here staring at a blank page about all the wonderful things I could say about what NFTY means to me, it’s nearly impossible to narrow it down. Here is my attempt.

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NFTY-PAR: Why You Shouldn’t Miss Hag/Mac (VIDEO)

NFTY-PAR: Why You Shouldn’t Miss Hag/Mac (VIDEO)

25 April 2013

NFTY's Pennsylvania Area Region (PAR) wants you to see what your weekend would be like if you don't come to Haggigah/Maccabiah this May!

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NFTY-GER: Understanding the Pressing Topics

24 April 2013

The RJVNJ(Reform Jewish Voice Of New Jersey) is an organization that, in partnership with NFTY-GER, Rutgers and a few clergy members from the region aimed to teach teens about the pressing topics in our state and enable them to stand up for what they believe in.

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PAR – Jackie B #3

NFTY-PAR: My Legacy for NFTY Pittsburgh and my Daughter

24 April 2013

Going to Spring Kallah is always bitter sweet since we know it is our big Senior send off. This Spring Kallah was unique for me because not only was I sending off 2 of my Seniors that I am very close with but it was my 4th Spring Kallah so it was kind of like my own personal Spring Kallah.

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NFTY-CAR: A Call to Action

19 April 2013

Social Action was my first love in life. From the beginning, I always felt the yearn for change and the call to action. It picks me up when I’m down and I am more passionate about Social Action than anything else in my life.

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PAR Spring Kallah 2013

NFTY-PAR: Tazria and M’tzora

19 April 2013

Amanda Wachstein, NFTY-PAR Regional Advisor, was nominated by her regional board to handle the D'var Torah duties for Spring Kallah 2013.

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