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The Balance of Tu B

Throwback Thursday: SumKa14!

A little over a week ago, NFTY-CAR and NFTY-NO came together for Summer Kallah 2014! This week, we celebrate Throwback Thursday with a #TBT to #SumKa14!

Heart for Tu Bav

The Balance of Tu B’Av

  Hope Chernak is the Director of Youth and Informal Education at Temple Shaaray Tefila. Today is Tu B’Av.  Did you know that? Tu B’Av it’s one of those Jewish Holidays that not everyone is familiar with since it falls over the summer.  In the past, if Valentine’s Day fell on one of our youth group nights (TaSTY Lounge Night), I would use the opportunity to talk about Tu B’Av with our teens so they had a chance to learn about this summer holiday (even in the dead of the winter!).  I always found it interesting that this holiday comes […]

Throwback Thursday Mechina Edition

A little over a week ago, NFTY's general board arrived at the URJ Kutz Camp for five days of learning, praying, and growing. While the event might be over, it's time to throw it back to all of the incredible people and events that made the long weekend unforgettable. t

NFTY-CWR: CWR Goes to NFTY Convention

05 March 2013

Overwhelming. I think this word describes the first few minutes of NFTY Convention perfectly. Walking up stairs to see literally 400 Jewish teenagers running and screaming out of excitement is pretty out of the ordinary, wouldn’t you say?

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NFTY-PAR: Jewcer…Sparking Jewish Innovations

04 March 2013

Recapping my visit to Jewcer, one of many NFTY Convention offsite programs. Jewcer is a powerful tool for Jews in this technological age we all live in. Jewcer is a "crowdfunding" platform, much like Kickstarter, where you pitch your business idea or project.

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How NFTY Convention Changed Me

03 March 2013

By Marlana Fireman, NFTY-OV Religious & Cultural Vice President I recently embarked on the trip of a lifetime. As cliche as it sounds, it’s true. I woke up at 5:15am on a Friday and sped off into the night to the Port Columbus International Airport to begin my journey to Los Angeles, California for NFTY Convention 2013. I joined about 900 reform Jewish teens from around the world as well as about 300 staff members on an adventure that surely changed my life. The weekend was unforgettable, but someone particularly incredible stuck out in my mind: Marc Elliot, a former NFTY-ite and […]

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Kol Netzer: Netzer Olami International Magazine

01 March 2013

Each year, leaders from all of the Progressive Jewish youth movements from all around the world come together in Jerusalem to engage in thoughtful idea sharing, Jewish learning, and great collaboration at the Netzer Olami Veida.

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One Life is Like the Whole World

One Life is Like the Whole World

01 March 2013

Until December 24 of last year, I had never really thought about gun control. It was one thing on a long list of issues the government didn't seem to be doing much about. Why should laws be passed to prevent the slight chance of mass shootings when people die of inadequate health care every day? Prioritizing is key when creating laws.

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Amazing, Inspiring, Unforgettable: 5 Days at NFTY Convention

28 February 2013

By Aviva Symons, NFTY-PAR With so much anticaption, NFTY Convention was truly one of the most incredible experiences of my entire life.  February 15 – 19, 2013 will always be remembered by the “Magic of NFTY” that I have learned to love and cherish. Arriving that Friday afternoon, I could not be more excited. Kind of overwhelming at first, I quickly realized that being greeted by 850 Jewish teens from all across the country and the world was the best feeling ever! Re-connecting with old friends from Kutz camp to NFTY in Israel and everything in between, I could not […]

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