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NFTY-TOR: Fall-ish Conclave Shmooze! Countdown to NFTY Convention 2015: How NFTY Inspired My Daughter

Tzedek, Tzedek Tirdof

My name is Ethan Stone, I am the President of NFTY Missouri Valley, and while I write to represent NFTY Missouri Valley, the views expressed here are my own. I just now got off the “Unpacking Race Relations in the United States” webinar run by NFTY. I had the pleasure of hearing the familiar voices of NFTY Staff and special guests Rabbi Randy Fleisher, a rabbi from Central Reform Congregation in Greater St. Louis; and Zoey Fleisher, Rabbi Fleisher’s daughter, co-President of Central Reform Congregation’s youth group CRFTY, and a good friend of mine. Topics that were discussed included the events in Ferguson and Staten Island and the worldwide repercussions of those events, the meaning of privilege and the applications of that knowledge in our daily lives, and different forms of racism.

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NFTY-TOR: Fall-ish Conclave Shmooze!

NFTY-TOR's Fall-ish Conclave is over, but our lives as superpowered AvenJews is just beginning. In the spirit of the event's focus on building community through our own values, the regional board decided to discuss the value of inclusion. Enjoy!

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Countdown to NFTY Convention 2015: How NFTY Inspired My Daughter

As every parent knows, when your child’s heart is bursting for joy, yours is, too. When your child’s heart is bursting for joy in anticipation before an event occurs, you’ve scored a gold mine. We’re at the “gold mine” level right now, as our daughter Shelby counts down to the upcoming NFTY Convention 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia! As I write this, the convention is just under four months away.


Appointing a NFTY Leader to the URJ Board

15 June 2013

As Shabbat services ended at the URJ Board Meeting the URJ Board had a new nominee, a 19-year old determined, committed Jewish leader - Evan Traylor. At the public announcement of his nomination, the URJ Board burst into applause. In one day, the Reform Movement truly moved; in a dynamic way. No longer is the youth voice in Reform Judaism symbolic.

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NFTY-SW: Mitzvah Day Through My Own Foundation

10 June 2013

On NFTY Mitzvah Day, NFTYites volunteered to pick up trash, donate useful items and walk for a cause that has effected themselves or a loved one. For one NFTY Southwest teen, NFTY Mitzvah Day volunteered with his very own literacy foundation.

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NFTY-PAR: Bigs and Littles

10 June 2013

As the Co-Secretaries of New Members at Hag/Mac, it was Aviva and Ian's job to pair the 56 “Littles” (new members) with “Bigs” (veteran members) and to ensure that they had an amazing first event. See how they did!

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The Magic of Camp Jenny

09 June 2013

What happens when two societies collide? What transpires when 108, mostly African-American elementary school students from inner-city Atlanta meet 115 all-white Jewish teenagers from across the southeast at a URJ camp for a weekend? What happens when societal environs that separate us are put aside for just a short time? Magic.

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Finding Openness and Acceptance in NFTY

06 June 2013

Jenn found that NFTY helped her realize that her voice and opinions were valued - things you don't always find in high school. Jenn took that acceptance and became an outspoken advocate for equality and LGBT rights.

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NFTY-PAR: Appreciating Jewish Music

06 June 2013

Ross Levy was planning to lead a music appreciation program during NFTY-PAR's Hagigah/Maccabiah, what he ended up with was a room full of NFTYites creating amazing music together.

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