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NFTY Passes Gender Inclusive Resolution NFTY Celebrates Marriage Equality NFTY Mechina 2015
NFTY Passes Gender Inclusive Resolution

NFTY Passes Gender Inclusive Resolution

On Sunday, the leaders came together for the biannual general assembly, Asefah, where the representatives from the 19 regions listened to regional reports and voted on critical legislation. One resolution on the table was a “Resolution Regarding Preferred Gender Pronouns on Nametags” which resolved that “at any NFTY North American event, participants will be given the opportunity to include their preferred pronouns on their nametags, and… are encouraged to introduce themselves with their preferred gender pronouns.” The resolution passed and will help ensure the full inclusion of teens, regardless of their gender identities, during NFTY North American events.

NFTY Celebrates Marriage Equality

NFTY Celebrates Marriage Equality

Today the United States Supreme Court made clear that the Constitution both allows same sex couples to marry and requires all states to recognize all marriages performed in other states. It is a day many of us long prayed for, but were not sure if we would ever see it happen.

NFTY Mechina 2015

NFTY Mechina 2015

In June 2015, NFTY teen leaders gathered at URJ Kutz Camp for a weekend of creative worship services, cross-continental networking, and lively discussions. Take a look at their experience through their eyes:

NFTY-NE: Jewish, Feminist, & Strong: Lessons from my Role Model

18 February 2014

My parents don’t talk about feminism, but feminism is not lacking in my household. Still, the words “equality of opportunity,” or “feminism” have rarely been said aloud under this roof. As my interest in feminism continues to expand, I rely more and more on my mom to be my role model of the strong, Jewish, feminist.

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Live from NFTY Veida: 2014 Regional Leadership Weekend

15 February 2014

This weekend, our 19 regional boards have come together at URJ Greene Family Camp for NFTY Veida. They will participate in an Asefah, NFTY’s general board meeting, where together with the NFTY North American Board they will make important decisions on business for the upcoming year. They will also elect the 2014-15 NFTY North American Board. [<a href=”//storify.com/nfty/nftyveida2014″ target=”_blank”>View the story “#NFTYVeida2014″ on Storify</a>]

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NE Girls T’fillah

NFTY-NE: Finding Strength in All-Girls T’fillah

11 February 2014

One night in late August, I received a call asking me if I could song lead a service at Summer Institute: the all-girls service. I'd been song leading for a couple of years, but I'd never gotten to lead a service within NFTY.

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NFTY-NAR: On My First Kallah

10 February 2014

I am proud to say that I recently spent a weekend in Wantagh, NY, for NFTY-NAR’s Winter Kallah. As a camper at URJ Crane Lake Camp, before this weekend I was already pretty familiar with NFTY. Invariably, friends told me it was one of the best things they'd done. So I tried it.

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Ten Minutes of Torah

Ten Minutes of Torah: Connecting NFTY’s Past, Present, and Future

05 February 2014

New for the 2014 Ten Minutes of Torah: A celebration of the 75th anniversary of NFTY.

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NFTY-NE: Standing For Our Beliefs

04 February 2014

In NFTY, I found myself surrounded by people who wanted to learn as much as I did. I fed off of their energy and gained new determination to keep learning. My passion for Judaism grew with each event and eventually became so strong that I decided I want to become a rabbi.

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