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Thank You for Being My Brother

Throwback Thursday Mechina Edition

A little over a week ago, NFTY's general board arrived at the URJ Kutz Camp for five days of learning, praying, and growing. While the event might be over, it's time to throw it back to all of the incredible people and events that made the long weekend unforgettable. t

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Thank You for Being My Brother’s Keeper

The following is a transcript of a speech delivered during Saturday morning services by Zak Kadish, NFTY Ohio Valley Programming Vice President, at NFTY Mechina last week. 356 days ago, the lives of my brother Ethan Kadish, my family, and myself were changed forever by a freak weather incident, a bolt out of the blue. When my brother was struck by lightning, our entire world was shattered, replaced by an impermeable darkness and fear for the future.

Respect and Learning Central to Understanding Challenges in Israel

As we discuss our perspectives on this difficult topic, it is important that we remember the Talmudic lesson of Eruvin 13b. In response to a debate between the school of Hillel and that of Shamai, two great Rabbinic leaders, we are reminded that “elu v’elu divrei elohim chayim — These and these are the words of the Living God.”

Rick with STR group

NFTY-STR: Shabbat with Rabbi Rick Jacobs

27 February 2013

Walking into PARTY’s BART Shabbat event last Friday, I had no idea what to expect. Little did I know, I was about to witness the coming-together of seven Broward Country reform congregations in food, in song, in prayer, and in welcoming a very special guest.

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NFTY-SoCal: Convention was Amazing!

27 February 2013

There are some NFTY events where all I want to do when I come home is curl up in my own bed and sleep for days. NFTY Convention is not that kind of event.

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NFTY-PAR: Visiting Tree People

27 February 2013

On Sunday of NFTY Convention, every participant had the opportunity to register for an offsite visit to one of twenty-five different options throughout Los Angeles. Here's the story of Tree People.

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NFTY Veida and The North American Board-Elect

NFTY Veida and The North American Board-Elect

27 February 2013

Check out highlights from NFTY’s recent mid-year board meeting (NFTY Veida) at NFTY Convention in Los Angeles, CA. Meet the North American Board-Elect and take a look at other business from Veida.

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NFTY-MAR: New Experiences at NewGrounds

27 February 2013

By Sarah Woodside, NFTY-MAR Member and Social Action Vice President for RALFTY Hey NFTY-MAR! This past week I went to Convention. It was the most spectacular thing I’ve ever done with my life! Live and die N-F-T-Y has a brand new meaning to me. I met and got to listen to so many amazing and inspiring people who are doing so much good! I think my favorite thing had to have been the “Offsite Day” where they let us out of the hotel for a few hours and enjoy beautiful L.A.! Every NFTY-ite had a choice to explore a certain social […]

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When it Comes to Full Inclusion, It’s Time to Make (Y)our Move

25 February 2013

Most of the time I see the Jewish world through my Jewish Special educator lens. For me, last week’s NFTY Convention and Youth Engagement Conference were no exception. Three significant things happened...

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