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Kutz Camp Teen Activists Lobby NY State Legislators to Support GENDA An Open Letter to Mr. Azoulay NFTY Passes Gender Inclusive Resolution
Kutz Camp Teen Activists Lobby NY State Legislators to Support GENDA

Kutz Camp Teen Activists Lobby NY State Legislators to Support GENDA

The teen activists of the URJ Kutz Camp, who participated in Alison Stamm's Political Advocacy minor last week, created these slideshows as a way to lobby NY State Legislators on the issue of transgender rights. They urged NY State Assemblyman Brabenec & NY State Senator Bonacic to support the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (A.4558-A/Gottfried)(S.61-A/Squadron).

An Open Letter to Mr. Azoulay

An Open Letter to Mr. Azoulay

Dear Mr. Azoulay - Your statement regarding the legitimacy of Reform Jews was deplorable and has widespread negative consequences for World Progressive Jewry, a movement of which we are proud to be members, as well as the greater global Jewish community. We are saddened that someone representing our homeland would propagate ideas that we are illegitimate as Jews and unworthy of our own religious beliefs.

NFTY Passes Gender Inclusive Resolution

NFTY Passes Gender Inclusive Resolution

On Sunday, the leaders came together for the biannual general assembly, Asefah, where the representatives from the 19 regions listened to regional reports and voted on critical legislation. One resolution on the table was a “Resolution Regarding Preferred Gender Pronouns on Nametags” which resolved that “at any NFTY North American event, participants will be given the opportunity to include their preferred pronouns on their nametags, and… are encouraged to introduce themselves with their preferred gender pronouns.” The resolution passed and will help ensure the full inclusion of teens, regardless of their gender identities, during NFTY North American events.

Stone blog

NFTY-OV: Strong As Stone

27 April 2015

It was such a surreal feeling as I sat in the senior circle of my final NFTY event. I can’t help but think back to the person I was at my first event; just a little eighth grader who had no idea what lie ahead of me. I would give anything to take my younger self aside and explain all of the things I would do in the future, the people I would meet and the opportunities I would have; all thanks to NFTY.

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Noah and Emily

NFTY-NO: A Boy, a Giant, and Lessons on Leadership

27 April 2015

So there were these two armies, the Israelites and the Philistines, camped on two sides of a valley in Israel. The Philistines are attempting to dismantle the newly formed kingdom of Israel. Now, it was common practice in those days for armies to fight in a type of battle called single-combat in which both armies send down one warrior to fight and decide the battle.

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stephen white

NFTY Alumni: Coming Back to NFTY

25 April 2015

I don't think I said anything profound, but I do remember saying that before I was president of NFTY, I was president of SCFTY, at which one person said, "My mom was in SCFTY." I suppose this could have made me feel old, but mainly it made me feel glad--I felt I was part of a continuity, and perhaps even more important, that the NFTYites in that room were part of a continuity.

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college email snip

NFTY Alumni: New Newsletter for Alumni on Campus

22 April 2015

With 75 years under our belt, the wide world of NFTY alumni spans generations. We want to bridge the gap between current NFTY members and the NFTY alumni network by creating resources specifically for our youngest group of alumni: those on campus. That’s why we’ve launched a brand new newsletter just for college students, featuring news, articles and events specifically targeted to this demographic. Take a look at our first mailing below, share with a friend, and let us know if you want to be on the list for our next mailing in advance of the new school year! We […]

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NFTY-TOR: Shmooze Spring Kallah

17 April 2015

For our last event of the year, the TOR Board wants to talk about something simple: what do we hope NFTY looks like in the future, and what are our goals for it? With 2/3 of the board graduating, it's an amazing reflection and way to say thank you to NFTY for an amazing experience.

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NFTY Alumni: It’s Not Too Late to Make a Difference on Campus

16 April 2015

The end of the academic year is upon us, but that doesn’t mean campus programming and engagement has to come to a halt. NFTY Alum Alex McKeen, Ithaca College class of 2017, shares some ideas you can bring to your campus.

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