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Kutz Camp Teen Activists Lobby NY State Legislators to Support GENDA An Open Letter to Mr. Azoulay NFTY Passes Gender Inclusive Resolution
Kutz Camp Teen Activists Lobby NY State Legislators to Support GENDA

Kutz Camp Teen Activists Lobby NY State Legislators to Support GENDA

The teen activists of the URJ Kutz Camp, who participated in Alison Stamm's Political Advocacy minor last week, created these slideshows as a way to lobby NY State Legislators on the issue of transgender rights. They urged NY State Assemblyman Brabenec & NY State Senator Bonacic to support the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (A.4558-A/Gottfried)(S.61-A/Squadron).

An Open Letter to Mr. Azoulay

An Open Letter to Mr. Azoulay

Dear Mr. Azoulay - Your statement regarding the legitimacy of Reform Jews was deplorable and has widespread negative consequences for World Progressive Jewry, a movement of which we are proud to be members, as well as the greater global Jewish community. We are saddened that someone representing our homeland would propagate ideas that we are illegitimate as Jews and unworthy of our own religious beliefs.

NFTY Passes Gender Inclusive Resolution

NFTY Passes Gender Inclusive Resolution

On Sunday, the leaders came together for the biannual general assembly, Asefah, where the representatives from the 19 regions listened to regional reports and voted on critical legislation. One resolution on the table was a “Resolution Regarding Preferred Gender Pronouns on Nametags” which resolved that “at any NFTY North American event, participants will be given the opportunity to include their preferred pronouns on their nametags, and… are encouraged to introduce themselves with their preferred gender pronouns.” The resolution passed and will help ensure the full inclusion of teens, regardless of their gender identities, during NFTY North American events.


NFTY Alumni: Giving the Next Generation Access to Their Dreams

08 April 2015

For most of middle school, high school, and college – NFTY and Television News were my life. So, earlier this year when a friend gave me the opportunity to share my professional experiences in the Television News field with current Reform Jewish teens, I jumped at the chance.

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NFTY-MV: SNAP Reflection

06 April 2015

Eating on $4 a day not only helped me to appreciate the constant struggle of those facing food uncertainty, but also served as a reminder. While I can go back to a normal diet after finishing the week, so many other people do not have that option.

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Jason Taper

NFTY-TOR: See You At Spring Kallah!

30 March 2015

"You can go to services to feel Jewish. You go to NFTY events to feel included." This past weekend at Greene Family Camp, NFTY-TOR led an amazing 6-8th grade event. So to share with our friends who got a taste of NFTY before they entered high school, the NFTY-TOR Regional Board wanted to share why we fell in love with NFTY in the first place.

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Freedom to Discriminate is not Freedom: NFTY-OV opposes RFRA in Indiana

28 March 2015

At 10am on Thursday, March 26, Governor Mike Pence of Indiana signed into law the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA. Based on name alone, this bill sounds like a measure that NFTY would support - after all, religious freedom is the fundamental right that allows us to live and thrive as American Jews, without fear of discrimination. However, Indiana’s newest law has a misleading moniker.

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5 Things I Saw In Israel During Elections

27 March 2015

This past week I took an amazing family trip to Israel. We started in the north and travelled around the country for about 9 days. Our trip happened to fall on Israel’s federal elections. It was an interesting time to be in Israel, and these are a few things my family and I experienced while we were there.

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NFTY-CWR: Special Report – NFTY Convention

25 March 2015

The first thought that most people have when they hear NFTY Convention is “What is that?” NFTY is the North American Federation of Temple Youth. In February, NFTY held its bi- annual convention in Atlanta, Georgia with 1,000 teens and 300 staff members, or youth professionals, in attendance. The theme “Myself, My Community and My World” was the perfect definition of everything that we were about to explore in our journey throughout the weekend.

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