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Thank You for Being My Brother

Throwback Thursday Mechina Edition

A little over a week ago, NFTY's general board arrived at the URJ Kutz Camp for five days of learning, praying, and growing. While the event might be over, it's time to throw it back to all of the incredible people and events that made the long weekend unforgettable. t

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Thank You for Being My Brother’s Keeper

The following is a transcript of a speech delivered during Saturday morning services by Zak Kadish, NFTY Ohio Valley Programming Vice President, at NFTY Mechina last week. 356 days ago, the lives of my brother Ethan Kadish, my family, and myself were changed forever by a freak weather incident, a bolt out of the blue. When my brother was struck by lightning, our entire world was shattered, replaced by an impermeable darkness and fear for the future.

Respect and Learning Central to Understanding Challenges in Israel

As we discuss our perspectives on this difficult topic, it is important that we remember the Talmudic lesson of Eruvin 13b. In response to a debate between the school of Hillel and that of Shamai, two great Rabbinic leaders, we are reminded that “elu v’elu divrei elohim chayim — These and these are the words of the Living God.”

BBYO Mifgash & Veida 2014: NFTY Leaders Reflect

20 February 2014

NFTY leaders reflect on their experiences at the BBYO NFTY Mifgash and Veida 2014:

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A Jewish Teen First, A NFTYite Second

19 February 2014

This past week I had an incredible opportunity to attend the BBYO International Convention (IC) in Dallas, Texas. Yes, I—a diehard NFTYite—attended a BBYO event. Even more important, I am very happy I chose to do so.

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2014-15 NFTY North American Board

Announcing the 2014-15/5774-75 NFTY North American Board-elect

19 February 2014

Over President’s Day weekend, 130 teen leaders from our 19 NFTY regions participated in a leadership retreat and board meeting at URJ Greene Family Camp. They elected a new North American board for 2014-2015/5774-5775. We are pleased to introduce you to the NFTY board-elect. They will officially be installed during the next NFTY general board meeting in June at URJ Kutz Camp in Warwick, NY.

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NFTY-NE: Jewish, Feminist, & Strong: Lessons from my Role Model

18 February 2014

My parents don’t talk about feminism, but feminism is not lacking in my household. Still, the words “equality of opportunity,” or “feminism” have rarely been said aloud under this roof. As my interest in feminism continues to expand, I rely more and more on my mom to be my role model of the strong, Jewish, feminist.

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Live from NFTY Veida: 2014 Regional Leadership Weekend

15 February 2014

This weekend, our 19 regional boards have come together at URJ Greene Family Camp for NFTY Veida. They will participate in an Asefah, NFTY’s general board meeting, where together with the NFTY North American Board they will make important decisions on business for the upcoming year. They will also elect the 2014-15 NFTY North American Board. [<a href="//storify.com/nfty/nftyveida2014" target="_blank">View the story "#NFTYVeida2014" on Storify</a>]

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NE Girls T’fillah

NFTY-NE: Finding Strength in All-Girls T’fillah

11 February 2014

One night in late August, I received a call asking me if I could song lead a service at Summer Institute: the all-girls service. I'd been song leading for a couple of years, but I'd never gotten to lead a service within NFTY.

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