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NFTY-CAR: Danielle Wright Talks Torah

The following is a selection from a D’var Torah given by Danielle Wright at NFTY-CAR Kolbo, May 3rd, 2014.

As I completed my thought process, I reflected on my NFTY experience.I remember one particular topic. B’tzelem Elohim. In the image of G-D. (It also happens to be my favorite Dan Nichols song!) None the less, after pondering my original reaction to the Torah portion, I began to wonder about how I am looked at by G-D. Because I perceived this Torah portion to be a little ADHD, does that therefore make me ADHD? I also had an initial reaction to this portion being egocentric. Does this make me an egocentric person?I then wondered that if G-D is Holy and One, are WE, then, Holy and One?

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celia – song winner

NFTY Competition Winners Announced

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! At tonight’s plenary session, we announced the winners of a few competitions. Check our their work and give them a “mazel tov!” in the comments, if you’re so inclined.

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Remember Who You Stand For

This d’var Torah is the winner of the Wendy Blickstein Memorial D’var Torah Competition, which was established in memory of Wendy Blickstein, a former member of NFTY’s Mid-Atlantic Region whose years were cut far too short because of cancer. The Blickstein family established this competition for aspiring teen writers to share their words of Torah with our NFTY Convention community and beyond.

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NFTY-SW D'var Torah

NFTY-SW D’var Torah

Congregants of Congregation Ner Tamid and fellow NFTYites, Shabbat shalom! My name is Dori Singer. I have the honor of being the NFTY-SouthWest Programming Vice President and I am thrilled to be giving this week’s D’var Torah.

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iTorah: Reflections during the month of Elul

In his D’var Torah from the first week of Kutz Camp this summer, NFTY’s 62nd President, Forrest Yesnes, reflects on the power of controlling your temper and handling frustrating situations with grace.

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