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Environmental Issues

NFTY-NO: Take Action on the Environment

When buying anything, whether it be a new NFTY t-shirt or a bag of chips to share with your friends on the way to Kallah, be aware of where that product came from. With every purchase that you make, you also send a message to the company produces it that you are in support of that product, the materials that go into it and how it is made.

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Etrog and lulav used on Sukkot

This Sukkot, Support Environmental Protections from Border to Border

On Sukkot, we remember our ancestors’ struggles to balance their lives with the surrounding environment in order to produce a bountiful harvest each year. But most of us no longer grow our own food or live at the mercy of natural phenomena in the same ways. How can we maintain the integrity of our ancestral relationship with the Earth?

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