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NFTY-NE December Institute: Shiur

It has been three and one-half weeks since NFTY-NE December Institute 5772, but that is not long enough to forget the incredible friends and lessons that I cannot wait to rejoin at NFTY-NE’s next event.

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NFTY-SW Fall Kallah

What NFTY-SW means to me

By Amy R., NFTY-SW Member Family, that is what NFTY-SW means to me. Being a freshman I recently went to my first NFTY event. As I headed to the temple I was filled with anxiety: whose house was I going to stay at? Was I going to know anyone?  Would I make any friends? Was my sister right all these years saying that NFTY is life changing? I remembered how I would watch my sister and her friends talk about NFTY and what was being planned for the next event and I would  say how I couldn’t wait until I […]

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NFTY Southwest LTI Event Photo

NFTY-SW Leadership Training Institute (LTI) Recap

NFTY-SWites wait weeks and count down the days until they finally get to say, “LTI, here I come!” The first NFTY-SW event of the year, hosted by Temple Chai in Phoenix, Arizona, started wonderfully! All anyone heard were the screams and laughter of teens running to see their friends as they walked off the bus.

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