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Headlines from NFTY’s 75th Year

As NFTY’s 75th year comes to a close, we find our Movement at a crucial moment in time. While we honor our rich history, we also look toward our vibrant future with much anticipation, joy, and excitement. This year it has been our privilege to serve as the leaders of NFTY, and we want to share and celebrate ten important headlines from NFTY’s 75th year.

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Hugging it Out at NFTY Convention

During my NFTY experience, one prominent factor has been present throughout: hugging. It’s a physical sign of the mishpacha, the family, we have formed together. NFTY Convention 2013 was no exception. I hugged my sister when we finally landed in LA after five hours of traveling, three time zones, and one layover. I hugged someone I’d never met before in the airport and who I couldn’t stop talking to on the bus. Amidst joyous reunions at the hotel, I hugged my friends from NFTY-PAR, HUC weekends, Kutz, and all the other friends I’d made at URJ programs over the years.

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Kutz leadership

How Can We Redefine Leadership?

NFTY is made up of over 7,000 Jewish teens from across North America. In each of the 19 regions, there is a wide range of teens who serve on their regional board. Each has something special to add to their position, and each recognizes their role as a leader. However, what about the other teens in our movement? Why shouldn’t they have the opportunity to serve their region, too? These questions came up a lot during my time at the URJ Kutz Camp this summer, where I had the opportunity to learn from almost 80 passionate Regional and Temple Youth Group leaders in the Leadership Academy.

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Video: I Believe in Friendship

Video: I Believe in Friendship

My name is Miranda, and I believe in friendship. No, not the cliché, over exaggerated movie recreation of what a friendship should be, but rather a pure, honest form of the word.

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Shabbat in Israel

Shabbat Shalom from Israel!

This Shabbat is special for me, because I am spending it with the NFTY President, NFTY Religious and Cultural Vice President, and our NFTY Director of Education and Special Projects in Eilat.

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Campaign for Youth Engagement: This is My Campaign

Campaign for Youth Engagement: This is My Campaign

The last Biennial I attended was in 2007 in San Diego. I did not know what to expect of Biennial and could not imagine just what thousands of Reform Jews looked like.

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