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This past weekend was packed with NFTY festivities, from NFTY-SW and STR Fall Kallah, CAR Kickoff, and Na’aseh V’Nishmah! Check out just some of the incredible things that went down!

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MVP Monday – To Infinity and Beyond: A Final Word

With the wrap-up of the TYG Starter Guide, the basics of membership have been covered. You, as the Membership Vice President, will now be able to take all of this knowledge back to your home region, your TYG, or your community to form and grow leadership higher than it’s ever been before.

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TOR Board 3

NFTY-TOR: #TORnvn14 Shmooze!

Now we know that no one opened the Shmooze thinking “I want to hear someone rant about hatred or unnecessary deaths.” But in the spirit of thinking deeper at NVN, the board wanted to make you think a little about ways we can make the world a better place. So from playing Australian baseball to giving tzedakah, how are you going to fix the world?

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Talia’s blog

NFTY-MVP: C-Dubb Smash Hit!

CWR, I want to thank you for welcoming your home to me and making me feel like I’ve been a member there for years. I enjoyed every bit of the weekend, from the cool, camp air to the glow in the dark dodge-ball game Saturday night. What an amazing kick-off event, and I can’t wait to see you all at NFTY Convention 2015!

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NFTY events are back! Check out the awesome fun going on at NFTY-MV SLIID Fall Kallah and SoCal Fall Kallah this past weekend!

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NFTY-NAR: The Potential Energy of Jewish Leadership

We Jewish teens left the summit with a single challenge echoing in our minds: “to embrace change and take risks in order to redefine Jewish youth engagement.” These dreams of expanding Jewish youth engagement and shaping a socially just world are only possible with great leaders at the helm.

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