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Announcing the 2015-16/5775-76 NFTY North American Board-elect

On Sunday, the 2015-2016 NFTY North American Board was elected. Their terms will formally begin on June 20, when they are installed at Mechina, which will take place at the URJ Kutz Camp, June 19-23, 2015. I am thrilled to fill you in on the extensive background of our new board:

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Throwback Thursday Mechina Edition

A little over a week ago, NFTY’s general board arrived at the URJ Kutz Camp for five days of learning, praying, and growing. While the event might be over, it’s time to throw it back to all of the incredible people and events that made the long weekend unforgettable. t

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NFTY-OV Study Kallah: Prayer and Perspective

Alongside all of the standard Winter Kallaot, Junior Youth Group retreats, and Social Action weekends, one event particularly piqued my interest. Ohio Valley hosts a Study Kallah every year at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion at their campus in Cincinnati. As a Religious and Cultural Vice President, I definitely fit the stereotype: this event sounded like one that I most definitely should attend.

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NFTY Goes to Netzer Veida: MLK Day at Har Hertzl

NFTY Goes to Netzer Veida: MLK Day at Har Hertzl

As the sun was dawning on Martin Luther King Jr. day in the United States, the Netzer Veida delegates were engaged in a tour of Mount Herzl and the Herzl Museum in Jerusalem. During one of the presentations, we were asked for one name of some leader who we believed to be inspirational. As we went around and shared our responses, I, as well as another delegate from London, mentioned MLK. Interestingly enough, the very next section of the discussion moved on to Herzl’s views on Israel, with the famous words “If you will it, it is no dream.” This […]

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NFTY President & NFTY RCVP in Tel Aviv

NFTY Goes to Netzer Veida: The Trip

Within a 20 hour travel day, I crossed the ocean, covered three continents, and traveled over 6,200 miles to travel from Indianapolis to Tel Aviv. We traveled to experience Netzer Olami’s Veida, which will happen throughout next week.

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NFTY’s SAVP Visits NFTY-NE’s December Institute

NFTY’s SAVP Visits NFTY-NE’s December Institute

Last week, I traveled to NFTY Northeast’s December Institute at URJ Eisner Camp, where I once again found myself thinking: “This is what it’s all about.”

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