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L’Taken: Justice for All

Everyday I go to school and say the Pledge of Allegiance. Every time I say it the last 3 words stick out to me the most. Those three words are “justice for all”. How is it justice for all when people with disabilities still lag behind in the National Average for having a complete education? Are they lacking in their educations because they actually cannot learn or because they are placed in schools where the teachers are not willing to teach the students the way they need to be taught. How is it justice when 29.2% of the disabled people live in poverty because of their lack of education? How is it justice when the people with disabilities are discriminated against for how they look and work to the point where they are often ignored as potential employees?

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NFTY board legislation

NFTY-President: What Can Legislation Do For Us?

Open any newspaper. Immigration is a “crisis” that is nowhere near being resolved. We see other crises boiling at home and abroad, from Ferguson to Damascus to Jerusalem to Gaza. If we use the connections we have to multiply our influence, we will become what we always say we are. We will be a movement.

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Par confirmation 11

Confirmation: a Time to Reflect on Jewish Experiences (NFTY-PAR)

How My Jewish Journey Will Continue On After Confirmation
Written by: Congregation Shaarai Shomayim Confirmation Class of 2014, Lancaster, PA

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NFTY-SW: From Washington D.C to Phoenix, AZ

NFTY-SW: From Washington D.C to Phoenix, AZ

A few months ago Rabbi Schneider presented a group of us with the opportunity to take part in the L’taken trip in Washington D.C. We couldn’t have been more excited to jump on board. Three weeks ago we boarded a flight to our nation’s capital.

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Etrog and lulav used on Sukkot

This Sukkot, Support Environmental Protections from Border to Border

On Sukkot, we remember our ancestors’ struggles to balance their lives with the surrounding environment in order to produce a bountiful harvest each year. But most of us no longer grow our own food or live at the mercy of natural phenomena in the same ways. How can we maintain the integrity of our ancestral relationship with the Earth?

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Avra Bossov and Sarah Horn

Checking In with the NFTY SAVP

NFTY’s North American SAVP, Avra Bossov, shares an update on her involvement in the Campaign for Youth Engagement and Food Day, a joint project of the RAC and URJ.

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