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NFTY-SW: My Reflection the URJ Biennial

Going into the event, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect other than what I had read on the schedule. I knew important people would be speaking, I had to dress professionally, and that this Phoenix girl was in for a big change of climate.

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NFTY-SW Social Action Poem

NFTY-SW Social Action Poem

Julie Kline, NFTY-SW member, writes a poem on her feelings about Social Action in her region.

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NFTY-SW D'var Torah

NFTY-SW D’var Torah

Congregants of Congregation Ner Tamid and fellow NFTYites, Shabbat shalom! My name is Dori Singer. I have the honor of being the NFTY-SouthWest Programming Vice President and I am thrilled to be giving this week’s D’var Torah.

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NFTY-SW Fall Kallah

What NFTY-SW means to me

By Amy R., NFTY-SW Member Family, that is what NFTY-SW means to me. Being a freshman I recently went to my first NFTY event. As I headed to the temple I was filled with anxiety: whose house was I going to stay at? Was I going to know anyone?  Would I make any friends? Was my sister right all these years saying that NFTY is life changing? I remembered how I would watch my sister and her friends talk about NFTY and what was being planned for the next event and I would  say how I couldn’t wait until I […]

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NFTY-SW President Reflects on the High Holy Days

The time of year has come and gone. That time of the year when our parents drag us to temple for the high holidays. For some of us, this is the only time we spend at temple the whole year. During services, all we can think about is what is going on after services.

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NFTY-SW: A Parent-Advisor’s Perspective

A little over 3 years ago I dropped my daughter off to her first ever NFTY-SW event in Tempe, Arizona. She was 13 years old. Dropping her off at the synagogue and saying goodbye, we were both excited and nervous for the weekend she was about to experience.

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