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MVP Monday: How to Publicize Your Event

Bringing together creative and innovative publicizing tactics from NFTY-GER and NE provided us with a large amount of information and many different options to share with you. We invite you to communicate with one another to share useful and effective advertising techniques to help our regions have fun while also encouraging people to sign up for events. Networking with one another as well as partnering with your advisors is the best way to get the creativity flowing! Now that you’ve got the tools, go out and publicize!

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NFTY-SO: Bringing the Holy Home – NFTY Southern’s Social Action Day

At NFTY Southern Institute, teens worked together to define what makes NFTY Southern a kehillah kedoshah, a holy community. To wrap up the weekend, we sent them with the charge of “bringing the holy home” – taking the holiness that they create in our NFTY regional community, and sharing it with the communities they are a part of. In our first Regional Social Action Day, they did just that.

Thank you to Emma Figarsky, 10th grade from Little Rock, and Benny Meltzer, 11th grade from Baton Rouge, for sharing their insight and reflections on this experience!

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MVP Monday: The NFTY Experience

I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to find out about NFTY my freshman year. As a past MVP, and current Central Recruitment VP, it is so important to realize that everyone comes to NFTY for different reasons. Yet, people stay because of those people who reach out and go the extra mile to befriend a new member.

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NFTY-NO: The impact of Temple Youth Groups (TYG)

TYGs (Temple Youth Groups) work hard to create events for participants to enjoy. Their effort and passion is clearly evident in their planning process, outreach, and final product.

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This is My Campaign: The NFTY President Reflects on his Biennial Experiences

This is My Campaign: The NFTY President Reflects on his Biennial Experiences

After having the unbelievable privilege of meeting and speaking with President Obama about 30 minutes before he spoke to the URJ Biennial participants, I had a feeling he was going to say something about NFTY.

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NFTY Campaign for Youth Engagement Tweet

NFTY’s Part in the Campaign for Youth Engagement

Earlier today, the Biennial held the Campaign for Youth Engagement forum and we learned about the incredible commitment the Reform Movement is making to young people everywhere.

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