Fall 2015 Welcome to Israel Midsize

33 Teens Arrive in Israel as the Fall 2015 Semester Begins!

Paul Reichenbach is the Director of Camping and Israel Programs for the Union for Reform Judaism I am thrilled to share that the Fall 2015 semester of the NFTY-EIE High School in Israel commenced this week. After a moving departure from JFK Tuesday evening, and a long flight over the Atlantic, the students arrived in Israel on Wednesday, tired, but incredibly excited for their journey to begin. They met their staff and teachers, and began to settle into Kibbutz Tzuba, their home for the next four months in the Judean Hills near Jerusalem, all under the inspired supervision of long-time EIE Principal […]

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Dalilah Bernier8

Israel or Bust – Let the Journey Begin

This post was written by Fall 2014 student Dalilah Bernier-Downing to the Fall 2015 students that leave for Israel on August 25th. Every morning this summer at 8:33 AM, my phone buzzes and lights up. This daily notification is from my Timehop. The app is linked to my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, reminding me what I posted on that date from the years before, bringing me a wave of nostalgia every morning. The app shows me pictures I took, places I went, and 140 character snippets of what might have been going through my head that day. In the past weeks, Timehop […]

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Kibbutz Tzuba: A Wonderful Place to Live and Learn

For the first 30 years of the NFTY-EIE High School in Israel, students lived with Israeli host families. Although this provided many benefits, there were challenges, as well, and the program transitioned to centralized housing for all the students. Beit Shmuel, located right next to Hebrew Union College, in the center of Jerusalem became the new home for all EIE students. With easy access for many of the field trips students take as part of our Jewish History class, this was a great location for the program. EIE made one last move to Kibbutz Tzuba, in 2001. Our program has […]

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Learning to Order Coffee in Hebrew Resized

Professional Skills Seminars: Developing the Leadership Skills of our Students

This past semester on EIE, we offered the students a series of Professional Skills Seminars, such as preparing and leading programs, teaching Jewish texts, song leading, teaching Hebrew for children, and more. Our goal was to help the students prepare for various leadership positions when they return to their communities and summer camps. Each of these seminars was based on observation as well as practical training through which the students practiced leading various activities and programs. This very much enriched the school environment and helped the students of EIE take ownership over their experience like never before. The participants of these seminars led […]

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Jordan Levy2

An Incredible Opportunity

Jordan Levy is from the San Francisco Bay Area. He participated on EIE in Spring 2013 and will begin his second year at Cal Poly SLO in the Fall, where he is majoring in Computer Science. Growing up, he went to URJ Camp Newman and was a member of Temple Israel in Alameda. EIE gave me a taste of adventure that was totally unprecedented for me. I had never left the United States before, so spending four months abroad was a big deal. Having the opportunity to explore all of the different parts of Eretz Yisrael made me fall in […]

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The Best College Prep I Could Ask For

Rayna Petrovsky is a Spring 2014 alum of NFTY-EIE. A native of Scottsdale, Arizona, she will be a freshman at the University of Arizona in the fall, planning to major in physiology. EIE taught me how to be independent in a way I never expected. Although I went to camp, and had been away from home for a month’s time before, being on the opposite side of the world, in a completely new environment, pushed me to figure out who I was outside of my “norm.” I craved the independence I lacked at home, although I never really understood what […]

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Fall 2015 Update

We are thrilled to announce that we have had a successful Fall registration drive! As you all know, through a generous grant, in April, we were able to announce a $4000 tuition reduction. Registration has tripled and we are preparing for the largest Fall EIE class in years! Our Fall students are part of a very diverse group. They include: Kids from 18 states and countries. These include four from California, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, five from Virginia, and even one student from South Africa! Seven sophomores, twenty-three juniors, and four seniors Alumni of ten different URJ camps, with Harlam, […]

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Jackie Kindler3

Spring 2015 EIE Photo Contest Winner: An Unforgettable Day With Women of the Wall

Jackie Kindler, of Port Washington, NY, and an active participant in NFTY-NAR, was the winner of the Spring 2015 EIE Photo Contest. Here, she describes the inspiration for her winning photo My picture comes from the Western Wall when the women of EIE joined with Women of the Wall to celebrate Rosh Chodesh Iyar, a day when all of us made history. On this day, Women of the Wall received a Torah from their male supporters through an opening of the mechitza (partition). Subsequently, they had a Torah service with a full-sized Torah for the first time ever. Celebrating with the […]

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