NFTY in Israel Summer 2013 Begins!

Shira Kleinman - Group 6 Mechanechet

Shira Kleinman – Group 6 Mechanechet

Greetings from Staff Orientation! We just wrapped up a fun-filled three days at the Beit Yehuda Youth Hostel on the outskirts of Jerusalem, and already sent the madrichim off to meet Groups 1 and 2 at the airport. The staffs of Groups 1 through 8 have been working hard through workshops, seminars and group activities to prepare for your arrival!

Much of the focus has been on creating a great group dynamic to lead you all through the summer. We’ve had lots of group time to get to know one another and bond as a staff, as well as several hours of workshops learning how to make this summer the best ever for our participants.

As a mechanechet (tour educator) I particularly enjoyed discussing the dynamic of staff from two different cultures – Israeli and American – working together in Israel. It was interesting to hear some of the differences between the madrichim. As an American living in Israel, I was able to see both perspectives and look forward to learning even more from the amazing staff that NFTY has put together and most importantly, from the participants.

Now that orientation is ending, I will spend the next few days continuing to get ready for the arrival of Group 6 on Sunday. There are so many activities and trips to look forward to, but mostly I am excited to show you a different side of Jewish life in Tzfat – one of my favorite cities in Israel. Through touring the many different synagogues, feeling the mysticism and spirituality, and taking in the amazing views of the Galilee, it’s my hope that all the participants will get to see a side of Judaism they haven’t yet had the chance to experience.

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