Mother Earth to Mothers: 17 Days of Action

Mil4bil.jpgThe buzz around Earth Day has certainly been strong around the RAC: Our staff put together a host of resources, issued a press release and posted on this blog earlier today. But I’d like to start talking about the next annual observance on the horizon–Mother’s Day–and what the two occasions might possibly have in common.

On Mother’s Day, we take a special moment to honor our mothers and express our love and gratitude to them. But what about the 215 million women worldwide who are not yet ready to become mothers but lack access to family planning methods? What about the women who die in the process of becoming mothers, either through complications during childbirth or because of an acquired sexually transmitted disease? What about the women whose unintended motherhood plunges them into poverty or contributes to climate change?

This year, the Million for a Billion campaign, a broad coalition of environmental, reproductive health, women’s rights and other advocacy organizations, is coming together to drive home the message that international family planning assistance is needed for many reasons, including the fact that it helps save the environment. As the world’s population inches closer to the 7 billion mark, we must recognize that, as Kathleen Mogelgaard of Population Action International wrote in 2009, “More of us means more people driving cars, more wildlife habitat overtaken by subdivisions, more land needed to grow food, and more water drawn from our lakes and aquifers.”

To that end, we are proposing 17 Days of Action, one simple action step for each of the 17 days between Earth Day and Mother’s Day. Check the RACblog, Facebook and Twitter accounts regularly to see each action step and participate in the campaign.

Today’s action step is… (drum roll, please): Share this blog post with a friend!

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Deborah Swerdlow

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Deborah is the Religious Action Center's Program Associate. She was a 2010-2011 Eisendrath Legislative Assistant

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