UN Report Exposes Iran’s Nuclear Program

The IAEA recently released a report revealing new information concerning the sophistication of Iran's nuclear program.

The International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA), an organization of the United Nations, published a much-anticipated report on Iran’s nuclear program last Tuesday. The report revealed new information concerning the sophistication of Iran’s nuclear program, concluding that Iran has, as The New York Times put it, “been secretly engaged in behaviors that suggested that it was seeking to construct a nuclear weapon.

The IAEA investigators were unable to offer an estimate of how long it would take for Iran to successfully produce a nuclear weapon; however they did suggest that Iran has investigated delivery mechanisms for nuclear weapons, including missile warheads.

The study was also unclear about the timeline over which Iran’s nuclear experimentation has been taking place; the Islamic Republic was believed to have halted its work on its nuclear program in 2003 (but not to have disposed of what it had already created). However this study indicates that Iran may have continued to develop its nuclear capability without pause.

One thing the study was able to note: Iran’s nuclear program shows signs of influence by foreign governments, notably Pakistan and North Korea.

As expected, President Ahmadinejad vehemently denied the content and validity of the report, while Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel said the report provides conclusive proof of Iran’s nuclear program and its intentions. Although the Obama Administration was aware of the report weeks before its publication, representatives from the State Department and the White House have remained silent on the IAEA’s findings saying only, “We’re going to study it…We are not prepared to speak about any next steps at this point.”

Photo courtesy of the AFP.

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