Religion in the Community: Jewish and Catholic Visions of Social Service

Rabbi David Saperstein spoke yesterday at the Washington Times 30th anniversary symposium titled “Symposium on Values and Consequences,” where he was joined by Sister Dr. Deirdre Byrne (Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary) and moderator Jennifer Steffano (Fox News).

The specific panel on which Rabbi Saperstein spoke was entitled “Service Session: Just Let Us Serve!” which focused on the respective roles non-governmental charities and government programs should play in providing social services. Both Sister Byrne and Rabbi Saperstein underscored the importance of caring for the needy in our community. Even though they disagree on some fundamental issues, the two were able to find common ground in the core values of their faiths, which both mandate a duty to serve others regardless of religion. They grappled with some difficult questions, but ultimately concluded by emphasizing the areas in which Jewish and Catholic morals overlap, especially in their commandments to serve and help others.

To learn more about the RAC’s interfaith work in all areas, visit the RAC website.

Photo courtesy of Raechel Banks.

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Raechel Banks is an Eisendrath Legislative Assistant. She grew up in Dallas, TX, as a member of Temple Emanu-El. She recently graduated from Brandeis University.

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