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50 Faces of Justice

Never underestimate the ability of a single event to transform someone into an activist. These faces of justice have each been motivated by a life-changing event and have become true change-makers in our Movement and throughout the United States.

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Lynne LandsbergLynne Landsberg

From time to time, you meet someone who is best described as a force of nature. Such individuals blow you away with their intellectual vigor, zest for life, or any of a thousand other attributes. From the very first time that you meet Lynne Landsberg, it becomes obvious that she is one such person. Her positive outlook and passion for life are especially powerful in light of a Traumatic Brain Injury suffered in a horrific car crash in January of 1999.



Rabbi Don WeberDon Weber

As a child growing up on Long Island, Rabbi Don Weber’s parents were committed to Judaism, but they struggled with faith. His father, like so many other Jews, had his faith “driven out of him” by what he had witnessed as a soldier during World War II.




Matt SofferMatt Soffer

As a young rabbi, Matthew Soffer looks forward to accomplishing a few things: He seeks to help people understand that they don’t have to separate their Jewish tradition from the pursuit of social justice, and he hopes to create an engaging environment at Temple Israel in Boston for Jews in their 20s and 30s.




Allison LauterbachAllison Lauterbach

When Allison Lauterbach received a note from the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (RAC) telling her that she would be spending her summer interning at the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, she had a little panic attack.



Rob LevyRob Levy

In 2004, Reform Jews from across the country assembled in Washington, DC to participate as a movement in the March for Women’s Lives, a demonstration for reproductive rights. The night before the March, Rob Levy, then a Legislative Assistant at the RAC, stood before thousands of Reform Jews at the Jefferson Memorial and led Havdallah services with four other song leaders.

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Katharine Nasielski

About Katharine Nasielski

Katharine Burd Nasielski is the Communications Associate at the RAC and was an Eisendrath Legislative Assistant from 2011-2012. She graduated in 2011 from Northwestern University and is originally from Philadelphia, PA where she is a member of Society Hill Synagogue.

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